3 December 2013 is Giving Tuesday!

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Today, 3 December, is Giving Tuesday! Here are some ideas for Vancouverites on ways to contribute:

  • Buy a new toy for a child patient (Deadline: 16 Dec):

  • Sponsor a child through World Vision:

  • Take a photo on Instagram!

  • Donate to victims of Typhoon Haiyan:
Until 9 23 December, the Canadian government will match every dollar donated to the disaster relief. Remember that Christmas is a time to share love and to help those in great need. For those of you who need an incentive to donate, note that as Canadians, our charitable donations are tax-deductible.
I’ve come up with a list of some (there are more) charities that are currently accepting donations for the victims. I would advise you to take a look at their websites for more information and to pick one that you feel most comfortable with. The links of each charity should direct you to the donation page.


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