Pinterest Beauty Reviews: Advil Liqui-Gel & Baby Oil Alternative Uses

(This post was written for The Glosse Posse.)

I would like to start this post by thanking all the Pinterest pinners for posting (or pinning, I should say) hundreds of creative tips for health, household cleaning, clothing, beauty, and much more. Not all of us can or want to splurge on specific or brand-name products if we can find cheaper alternatives at home. So far, I have tested two beauty-related pins that have worked very well for me.

Treating zits with Advil Liqui-Gel


One pinner pointed out that using Advil Liqui-Gel would help get rid of the redness and numb the pain. Since I had a small container of Advil Liqui-Gels, I decided to test one to see if it worked better than other blemish gels. Poking the gel capsule turned out to be harder than I had thought it would be. I recommend using a thicker needle or safetypin, one that won’t bend so easily as you try to poke the needle through the thick capsule. Once punctured, you’ll have to quickly dab the liquid on the affected area. It will feel rather sticky and, if applied near the lips, will give off a tingling sensation but can feel itchy afterwards. Each capsule will last a week or longer, depending on how often you use it. Although it won’t always make zits disappear immediately, it can help with the redness and will reduce the swelling. I’ve found that the Liqui-gels are more effective with continual use throughout the day and if you do not apply make-up over the affected area. Oh and, of course, this will do a great job at numbing the pain. 🙂

Shaving with Baby Oil

I didn’t realise I have sensitive skin on my legs until I started using shaving gel. I liked how smooth my legs would feel after shaving but it wouldn’t be long before little pink spots would start appearing on my shin. Then I started noticing that I had the same problem with waxing. Skipping the gel helped but then I discovered to my dismay that any lotion I applied on freshley shaved legs would give me rashes.


This pinner claims that the baby oil with give a close smooth shave whilst extending the life of a razor. Now, let me warn you, the sound might alarm you as if you’re about to shave off your skin as well, but you’ll be fine. You’ll come out with smooth moisturised legs but you can always rub on more baby oil or Cetaphil. By the way, I like to first exfoliate with apricot seeds (facial scrubs are fine), then apply the baby oil for shaving. I haven’t had to worry about rashes or dehydrated skin since.

If you’re worried that you might have really sensitive skin, do a small test patch and see how your skin reacts. There are plenty of other uses for baby oil (e.g. eye make-up remover) so don’t worry if it doesn’t work as a shaving solution for you!

Check back next week for more tested pins! 🙂

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