Moroccan Oil Hair Styling Products

(This post was written for The Glosse Posse)

Always in search of the best hair products, I had heard many praise Moroccan Oil for its amazing oil treatment. Yet I didn’t understand why a 100ml bottle would cost $43 and the 25ml, $16.60. There are now hundreds of these Argan or Moroccan oil hair treatments with prices ranging from $7 to $43. So… is Moroccanoil worth the pricetag?

Moroccan Oil Treatment

There are two sizes for this hair oil – 25ml and 100ml. It is good for all hair types and can be used for conditioning, styling and finishing. Apparently, it even speeds up the drying time (I can’t say for sure as I’ve been air drying my hair). You will only need a small amount to your hair, from mid-length to ends. I found this oil worked well as a detangler but the truth is, I couldn’t tell the difference between this treatment or other brands that used Argan oil or another type of sweet-smelling oil. However, I did notice that it is not as sticky or heavy as the other hair oils. If the texture does not matter to you, I think you can save your money and skip this one or try a cheaper brand.


Hydrating Styling Cream

If there is one Moroccan Oil hair product you should buy, I would recommend getting this one. Again, it comes in two sizes – 75ml ($13) and 300ml ($36.80). It’s a lightweight hair cream that will condition, hydrate, and detangle your hair. Apparently it is excellent for fighting frizzy coarse and dry hair. You can use this cream on wet or dry hair. One pump (don’t push too hard!) is enough to instantly detangle my past-the-shoulder-length hair. (You may need two pumps, depending on your hair length and thickness I’m very impressed that I don’t have to spend a minute trying to comb my hair with my fingers. It’s as if the cream comes with mini combs. When my hair is dry but my baby hair decides to throw a tantrum, I like to use this cream to tame the fly-aways. I aso noticed how glossy it made my friend’s fine hair. 🙂


Luminous Hairspray

Choose between 75ml ($9) or 330ml ($23.80). If I remember correctly, I have the smallest can and have been using it for at least 2 months now. It’s the best hairspray I’ve used so far. It’s a medium hold which is “ideal for creating and maintaining soft, natural styles.” I like that it doesn’t make my hair rock hard but has enough flexibility if I need to restyle my hair. Why is this the best I’ve used so far? It’s not sticky and it doesn’t leave white dust on my hair. Why is it called luminous? It does give your hair a lovely shine.

Now that I’ve introduced you to these three products (there are more on the site), take a look at these video tutorials on how to style your hair with them! 🙂

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