Lush Hair Products

(This post was written for The Glosse Posse)

Continuing on with this month’s hair care theme, I would like to provide my mini reviews on some Lush shampoos and conditioners that I’ve used. If you’re looking for some natural hair products, Lush is a good brand to try. I’ve already recommended my 2 favourites, Godiva and Hair Doctor, but here are a few that I’ve also tried:

Products I liked

  • Solid shampoo bars ($10.95 USD/CAD) – These shampoo bars lather well and last around 6 months. There are 10 of these round solid shampoo bars and 3 solid shampoos in various sizes (by weight).
  • Big Shampoo ($26.95 USD/CAD) – This is a unique shampoo as it contains sea salt. It comes in a tub and lasts for at least 2-3 months (I think mine lasted longer). You will only need a morsel in your palm for every wash. Simply warm the salts in your hands, then massage it into your hair. It lathers quite well and removes dead skin cells and dirt. I noticed my hair was shinier (without applying any hair styling products) because of the lime juice.
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy ($12.95-39.95 USD/CAD) – This aromatic conditioner is like hair perfume. It smells of orange blossoms for hours! Unfortunately for those with sensitive noses, the smell may be overpowering. If this isn’t a problem for you or those around you, it’s also a good detangler.

Products I didn’t like

  • Solid conditioner bars – Having seen wonderful results with the solid shampoo bars, I expected the same with the conditioner bars. Sadly, I was disappointed with both the Jungle conditioner ($8.95 USD/CAD) and Big Solid conditioner ($9.95 USD/CAD and up). These bars do not glide on your hair and will take several hair strands from your head. 😦 One of the Lush employees suggested I scrape the conditioners and warm them in my hands or run the conditioners under hot water. It was such a frustrating process and I still couldn’t tell if I had enough on my hair or not. They do work well as detanglers but I simply did not have the patience to use them for every wash.
  • Dirty hair cream ($15.95 USD/CAD) – I wanted a hair gel or cream that would tame my baby hair and keep them in place. I didn’t want to use hairspray and end up with rock hair, nor did I like some of the hair gels or creams leaving what looks like dust on my hair. I really hoped Dirty would work but I was disappointed to find the same ‘dusty’ result. I know everyone’s hair is different but this product was simply not for me and I had to return it. 😦

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