Review: Lush Hair Doctor

(This post was written for The Glosse Posse)
This August, I’ll be focusing on products for hair care, starting with Lush’s The Hair Doctor.
Can’t afford expensive hair treatments at the salon? Then this is the poor man’s happy substitute. 😉
Hair Doctor is a free deep-cleansing herbal hair treatment targeting irritated scalps and dull hair. It contains peppermint oil, fuller’s earth (absorbs oil), coconut oil (hydrates), almond oil (softens), chamomile oil (soothe sensitive scalps), and Irish moss seaweed (hydrates, softens, and adds shine).
I started using Hair Doctor 3 years ago, after I saw how addicted my friend was to this hair mask. I could see how shiny and soft her hair was compared to my rather dull and static hair (bear in mind, I had not tried any Lush products at the time). As a student with no income, C$15.95 for 7.8oz (£6.75/95g) would be a huge investment for my hair. I was assured I would be getting my money’s worth out of the product with at least 3 treatments. All this depended on how much scalp (not hair, so don’t worry about hair length) I’d be covering and how much product I’d be using. I decided to give it a try and followed these instructions:
  1. Massage some Hair Doctor onto dry scalp and hair (just the part covering scalp).
  2. Wait for 20 minutes. (No less or it doesn’t work as well. You want to feel the tingly sensation from the peppermint oil.)
  3. Rinse out the product. Shampoo and condition as desired.
As soon as I had stepped out of the shower, I started looking in the mirror to see if my hair had instant results. It didn’t (except in the shower when the product was being rinsed). Had I just wasted my money on this hair mask? When I started blow drying my hair, I noticed that my hair was becoming shinier and softer. As shiny as the hair on models in hair commercials! Furthermore, my hair was so soft, I simply couldn’t resist combing through my hair every few minutes. That’s the hair I want to have every day.

It is recommended that Hair Doctor be used 1-2x a week but can also be used more frequently, if desired.

Test it out and if it really doesn’t work for you, return it to Lush and they’ll reimburse you (I believe that’s the case). However, I think you’ll become quite addicted to it too. 😉

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