Creating Memorable Birthdays

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Birthdays should always be memorable, no matter how old you are. Here is a list of things you can do to make your birthday or someone’s birthday extra special!

1. Come up with a theme

“Playing dress-up begins at age 5 and never truly ends,” says Kate Spade and I couldn’t agree more. Get your friends to dress up in costumes or fancy dress! You could have a pirate scavenger hunt, Oktober-beer-fest, princess tea party, Victorian masquerade ball, or Disney marathon.

Depending on what your theme is, you can also get your guests to participate in some arts & crafts:

  • make a crown/tiara
  • create a collage
  • have a group painting/drawing
  • make cards

Be creative. Make it a party that even your friends will enjoy and remember. 😉

2. Have a Birthday [Guest]Book

Have all your birthday guests write and/or draw in your book or poster. That way, guests save money on cards (although bought/homemade cards are always nice!) and now they have something to do while you mingle! I have a book I kept from 2009-2010 of all the birthday wishes from friends around the world. It’s one of my most valued belongings. 🙂

3. Use a Cake Candelabra

This cake candelabra is available for C$9.00 at Chapters, and includes 9 white candles. Now you won’t have to worry about having wax on your cake, plus blowing out your candles in one puff will be enough!


Cake Candelabra by Fred on my birthday cake (2013)


4. Get an ice cream cake

Dairy Queen’s ice cream cakes are my favourite. They are perfect for summer (they are still great all year round) and some cakes have cute decorations on them. It’s hard enough pleasing people with cakes (don’t like it, can’t eat it, etc.) nowadays, so you may as well serve ice cream in the form of a cake.


Small party? Guests with small tummies? Get DQ’s Blizzard Cupcakes. Now you won’t have to worry about getting your knife stuck whilst trying to cut your ice cream cake or dealing with everyone’s cake proportion preferences.

5. Find Free Things on your Birthday

Vancouverites: If you’re on Twitter, follow @FreeVancity to keep yourself updated on all the free things happening around your birthday!

Canadians: Take a look at the birthday eBook before your birthday and start signing up for all the birthday specials. Once it’s your birthday, you can go around collecting all the birthday freebies! There are a few that will allow you to start collecting your prezzies during your birthday week or month!

Some of the freebies include:

  • Sephora – free birthday gift
  • Blenz – free beverage
  • Red Robin – free burger & fries
  • Milestone’s – free dessert

6. Drink Happy Birthday Tea at Urban Tea Merchant or your TWG store

I was lucky enough to be treated to afternoon tea at Urban Tea Merchant on my birthday (thank you parents!). Whenever you order a signature afternoon tea, you have an $8 credit towards any TWG tea you’d like. Of course, I selected Happy Birthday tea and I liked it! You can also buy a tin of the tea at UTM or any TWG store.

TWG's Happy Birthday Tea

TWG’s Happy Birthday Tea

7. Dine at your favourite restaurant(s)

Nothing like treating your tummy to the most delicious food! Who knows, you might get a free meal or dessert!

8. Spend your Birthday away from Home

Spend your day at your favourite park or the aquarium or a museum! Spend a day in another city or country. If your budget allows it, there’s nothing like spending your birthday in another country (via car, train, plane). Yes, maybe most of your friends and family won’t be there, but memories are like friends too. 🙂

9. Prepare Party Favours for your Guests

This could feel like Christmas again – relive the joy of giving!

What to put in your party bags (ideas):

  • sweets
  • baked goods – your own homemade cookies would be best! 😉
  • mint
  • magnets (neat idea: print photos of you and your friend and turn it into a magnet!)
  • samples or travel-size items
  • jewellery or hair accessories

You can give everyone the same items or let them choose a surprise bag!

10. Donate your Birthday Money

In lieu of birthday presents, encourage your friends and family to donate to your favourite charity instead.

Some charities that do birthday fundraising include:

This year, I had considered hosting a garage sale fundraiser party on my birthday. It would have required a lot of planning and help (you need multiple eyes and hands available) so I think I’ll save this idea for another year. It would have felt pretty amazing to get rid of things, raise money for a charity, and see lots of friends in one day. 🙂

Have a HAPPY Birthday!

Cute Birthday Candles

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