Tinted Lip Balms

(This review was written for The Glosse Posse.)

I used to avoid tinted lips balms. There was one I had tried at 11 that would apply clear and turn fuchsia after a few moments. Quite scandalous for our age back then!

When my friend gave me Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom, I fell in love with the product. Although I’ve only tried three brands of tinted lip balms so far, Burt’s is the best. The 9 shades available are natural (somewhat sheer), and the lip balm glides smoothly and keeps lips moisturised with Shea Butter and botanical waxes. It is my lazy-lipstick: lip balm + lip colour in one! These lip balms go for $7.99 USD/CAD each and last around 10 months if you use it regularly. My two favourites are Rose and Red Dahlia.

Another good tinted lip balm is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15. These are more than twice the price at $22.50 USD but are also worth the price. Sephora Beauty Insiders received two mini lip treatments last year for their birthdays in clear and berry rose (I think). The lip colours come off sheer and are made with black currant oil, grapeseed polyphenols, and vitamins A, C, and E. Plus, there’s protection against UV rays. If you do purchase this lip balm, it’s best to keep it somewhere cool. These lose their form pretty quickly so be gentle with them!

The last tinted lip balm I tried is Maybelline’s Baby Lips. All 6 (2 clear and 4 shades) come with SPF 20 and are supposed to moisturise lips for 8 hours and renew lips within 1 week. That was not the case for me but perhaps I do not have very hydrated lips to begin with (solution: drink more water). I found that I’d have to reapply every hour or so to keep my lips smooth. Prices for these tubes vary but they’re usually under $4.99 USD.

Which tinted lip balm(s) is your favourite? Do you have a recommendation for me? :)

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