Welcome Baby Cambridge!

The Duchess of Cambridge delivered a healthy 8lb 6oz. baby prince today, 22 July, at 16:24 BST. The public was informed around 4 hours later through the press and shortly after, the official announcement was displayed outside Buckingham Palace.

I would like to congratulate TRH The  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their new addition!

We are all very much looking forward to learning the name of the baby Cambridge, who shall be known as HRH Prince [Name] of Cambridge*, as well as seeing his adorable face!

* Royal Titles Tips:

In the meantime, we may use:

The royal trio will be staying overnight at St Mary’s Hospital:

Thank you to all royal news reporters and bloggers who did their very best to keep us updated on the labour and royal birth! 🙂

What happens next?

A Fairytale Birthday Dream Come True

Ever since we found out that HRH The Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant, I had been hoping – longing – for a July baby – in fact, I was hoping a Royal Baby would be born on the 21st. Although the Royal Baby was not born on my birthday – perhaps all the better! – he shares my baptism birthday, so I suppose I can say that my birthday wish was answered after all. Thanks to the time difference, Baby Cambridge and I will share part of our birthdays on the same days. 🙂

The best part about it all is that I found out that the Duchess went into labour in the earlier hours of the 22nd, which was still the 21st for me. It was perhaps the best birthday news I could receive! I did my best to stay up but I had to nap from 3-8am (in fact, altogether, I slept for around 7 hours). The 22nd was quite an insane morning as I’d learned that one of my cats was missing (though I later found him within 5 min. of learning the news) and I had to help my parents quickly pack. I carried on with my chores for the day and quite conveniently returned to Twitter when the royal reporters announced that something was about to happen.

I was thrilled to learn that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a prince 4 hours earlier! I was very happy for her as we were informed she had been hoping for a boy too!

Many of my followers and readers may know that earlier in February (on the 19th), I posted about how I suddenly felt that HRH The Duchess of Cambridge was carrying a baby boy. This was in spite of the fact that I had a dream in January that I was informed the Duchess would have a girl. Furthermore, it seemed as if everyone was hoping for a girl. Many believed the royal baby had to be a girl, given all the symptoms of the Duchess’ early stages of pregnancy. Despite the fact that I had been right about every 21st Century royal birth, I even doubted myself. ‘I could be very wrong this time,’ I thought, ‘It’s just a lucky guess.’

When I read the first tweets on the birth announcement this afternoon (evening in the UK) in Vancouver, I covered my mouth. Hundreds (very well, maybe 20) of tweets flooded my Twitter feed with: “It’s a boy!”

This [royal baby gender predicting gut instinct] is something I don’t and might never understand. I do not intend to use it for betting purposes. At the moment, I feel like a godmother to all the royal children. 🙂

Sharing Birthdays

Baby Cambridge celebrates his birthday with another royal baby, HRH Prince Felix of Denmark, who turns 11 today!

I was curious to know how many babies were born to mothers around the world today, 22 July.We may have to wait until tomorrow for the figures but we know that approx. 2,000 were born in the UK today:

Let us (royalists, monarchists, royal watchers) not forget that every baby is precious and a royal to his/her parents.

Welcome to the world little ones! 🙂

Also sharing a birthday with Baby Cambridge is one of the Duchess’ charity, EACH Hospice!

How to congratulate TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Royal Baby Memorabilia

There’s more of course! 😉


I hope all of you had a wonderful Monday welcoming Baby Cambridge. It was intense but everyone is well and now we may catch up on our sleep! 🙂

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