The World of Once Upon A Time (OUAT) in Vancouver

I’ve been meaning to post my photos of ABC’s Once Upon A Time (OUAT) locations for a year now and what better time than now, when the cast & crew are back to film S3? 🙂

This post is dedicated to one of my lovely Twitter friends and fellow OUAT-fan, Aria @Duch29_9!

The first thing I’m going to tell you is that the TV series is filmed in the Greater Vancouver Area (which is in a province called British Columbia in Canada). The locations are spread out and some places are just too far [for me] to venture off to. I cannot show you Mr Gold’s house or the Mayor’s house, for example, as both are in New Westminster (west of my area though not impossible to get to) and I’m hardly ever in that area. Take a look at this guide by Movie Maps to find out all the locations used to film OUAT S1 & S2. There is a Google maps with all the location pins embedded into the website so that you may have an idea of how far each location is. I will be showing you some of the main locations for Storybrooke, Boston and Manhattan, as these places are more transit-accessible (or I simply happened to be in that area). All photos below were taken with my phone camera (sorry for the terrible quality!).


Much of Storybrooke is filmed in Steveston. If you were to take public transit from ‘Boston Bus Station’ or ‘Manhattan’ to Storybrooke, it would take you close to an hour if not more. Ironically, even though I might live closer to Steveston (on a map), it still takes me an hour to visit Steveston. Although it’s very lovely in the summer, I very rarely visit Steveston – at most, twice a year. Last summer, I spent a day touring Storybrooke with my friend. We got to visit the Gulf Cannery, and see Mr Gold’s Pawn Shop and Granny’s Diner on Moncton St.

Update: 3 new photos taken on 28 Dec 2013!

Mr Gold’s Pawn Shop

Granny’s Diner


(Terribly sorry about the image quality. The sun was shining so brightly!)

Having lunch at Granny’s Diner in #Storybrooke! 😉 #OUAT

A photo posted by V (@ladyandtherose) on


Granny's B&B was not, in fact, around the corner but all the way in Haswell Residence in North Vancouver!

Granny’s B&B was not, in fact, around the corner but all the way in Haswell Residence in North Vancouver!

Storybrooke Pet Shelter (2013)



This is where David (aka Prince Charming) worked in S1

Any Given Sundae (2014-Present)

Dr. Archie Hopper’s Office


NEW: Found his office near the Bakery

Storybrooke Library


Storybrooke Library


Storybook Beer Garden

Storybook Beer Garden

Some Storybooke Businesses

Some Storybooke Businesses


I hear they make good bread. :)

I hear they make good bread. 🙂

This is the cannery where evil Tamara and Greg held Regina hostage and tortured her.

This is the cannery where evil Tamara and Greg held Regina hostage and tortured her.

As you can see from the Movie Maps guide, not all Storybrooke locations are in Steveston.

One exception is the Storybrooke Town Hall. That building, I discovered in May 2013, is the Fort Langley Community Hall in Ft Langley! Like Steveston, Ft Langley has plenty of charming buildings that I assume are around 100 years old or so. I’m surprised only a few buildings were used in Ft Langley but that may change in the future perhaps.

Haven't I seen this before?

Haven’t I seen this building before? 😉


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Remember the first episode when Henry meets Emma in Boston? The Boston Bus Station is Waterfront Station! This is very close to where I work. It’s always busy inside but if I’m ever waiting inside long enough, I enjoy looking at the ceiling to admire the heritage work. 🙂


Sorry, not the best photo but I couldn’t tell the bus or the lorry to move.


Manhattan is our charming Gastown, which is my favourite place in Vancouver! It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, well-known for its Steam Clock (which, ironically, is actually only 70 years old).

Gastown Steam Clock

Gastown Steam Clock

20130718-150923.jpg 20130718-150932.jpg


I believe Emma was chasing Neal through this part too…

The bar/pub where Emma and Neal/Bae have a chat in S2E14? That’s The Blarney Stone, one of my favourite places to go for some live Celtic music by Irish band, Killarney, and delicious Shepherd’s Pie!


Not quite OUAT-related but right across from Blarney’s is a publications house. Well, last September, someone working there decided to put up an excerpt from the Grimm’s brothers’ recorded Aschenputtel (Cinderella). To a Vancouverite, it’s just a poster with beautiful gold lettering. To me (and other German readers), it was disturbing!

The part about Cinderella’s stepsisters chopping off their toes and ankles respectively…

Please note that the poster has since been removed. Thank God!

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Neverland (S3)

Mostly set in studios or parks

Camelot (S5)

Takes place in Central Park in Burnaby (it’s close to a parking lot).

Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to a fine milliner in Vancouver Toronto known as The Saucy Milliner. All her hats and fascinators are hand-blocked, hand-crafted, and hand-sewn (occasionally machine-sewn but NEVER glued). She is a true perfectionist so you can always expect to wear the best head ornament (be it a hat or fascinator) on your head! 😉 You’ll recognise [at least] three of her beautiful hats on OUAT:

The Saucy Milliner also came up with an OUAT-inspired cocktail beret called Mirror, Mirror. 🙂

You can find her hats at:

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This mirror and wallpaper in London, England reminded me of Regina’s office.

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