Travel Amenities for your Carry-On & Weekender Bags

Two weeks ago, I was tidying my room when I realised I had several travel purses for my weekend and longhaul trips. Instead of being able to grab my travel amenities bag(s) for my carry-on bag, I had to open all of my travel purses to decide on which items to bring. How ridiculous that I still wasted so much time packing after 20+ years of travelling. With an upcoming trip this year, I’ve decided that I would prepare now so that I could save myself some time in the future.

Fly away!

Prepare two travel bags for your carry-on bag with ‘sample’ sized items (that you could eventually leave behind… toss in the bin, that is) and one for your check-in luggage:

1L Bag

I saved my 1L plastic bag from my last trip so that I would remember how many liquid items I would be allowed to bring. Remember, your liquid items (anything that’s cream, gel, paste, etc.) have to be 100ml or less! Try not to bring too much in case you buy some more liquid items abroad.

  • Body Lotion – You could choose a lightly scented one and not have to bother with perfume. 😉
  • Contacts and/or Contact Solution
  • Conditioner* – Lush carries conditioner bars but I found that they took too much time to warm up. If you know that there will be conditioners/shampoos / bath gels at the hotel or resort you’re going to, you can skip this. Alternative: 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner.
  • Face Cleanser – Choose something good for day & night.
  • Face Cream L’Occitane’s Angelica Hydration Cream has the smoothest feel and you don’t need to use a lot.
  • Hand Lotion* – Or get a hand/body lotion and save space!
  • Hand Sanitiser – There are antibacterial wipes but I’ve been in places where bins are impossible to find.
  • Make-up**:
    • Eye Make-up Remover Sticks – Almay’s cotton swab sticks are excellent for removing smudges and mistakes.
    • Foundation – I prefer the feel of liquid rather than powder foundation. As some of you may know, I don’t bother with foundation nowadays, but I might need it so I’ll squeeze a bit into my sample cases.
    • Mascara – I like my DJV Fiberwig mascara because it doesn’t smudge and it is easily removed with water.
  • Perfume (Roll-on or samples)* – Just bear in mind that a lot of places would rather you go scent-free, particularly nowadays with more and more people becoming sensitive to smell. :S
  • Sunscreen – SPF30 is recommended so choose something that’s good for your face & body, like Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen.
  • Toothpaste* – Lush has toothpaste tablets available, in which case, you now have more room in your 1L bag.

** I’d rather not depend my life on make-up and the Airport Security doesn’t need to think so either.

Travel Amenities - 1L Bag

‘Dry’ Bag

This mini bag is for any non-liquid item (aside from clothes) that I might need should my luggage go missing.

  • Anti-Blister Stick – In case you buy a new pair of shoes abroad. 😉
  • Bandages/Band-aids/Plasters – I never go anywhere without these in my purse. I’m prone to injury of some kind. Sometimes, I run into people who need them. Include some blister plasters too!
  • Brush/Comb
  • Contact Lens Case* – If you wear any.
  • Deodorant – If you bring a gel or spray, that will have to go in the 1L bag. Stores sell sample size deos if you want to travel light.
  • Ear Plugs* – I don’t bother with these as I just listen to music. Some airlines provide these for free.
  • Eye Mask* – I don’t think light bothers me that much so I haven’t had to use these. Some airlines provide these for free.
  • Feminine HygieneAlways be prepared with all sizes. Always Radian Sample Pack includes basics in a little wristlet purse.
  • Make-up:
    • Concealer StickVichy’s Concealer Stick is so thin, it takes no room at all.
    • Eyeliner / Brow Pencil
    • LipbalmBurt’s Bees Tinted Lipbalm gives you colour and moisture. Alternative: Maybelline’s Baby Lips SPF20.
    • Lip liner – Perhaps you want to avoid those awkward lipstick-on-teeth moments with a lipliner. 😉
    • LipstickBobbi Brown’s Lip Color provide quite a bit of moisture.
  • Makeup Remover Towelletes* – Travel-Lite carries a line of travel essentials. They’ve even prepared one pack for women!
  • Oil BlottersPapier Poudré gives you the best matte look.
  • Sanitary Bags – You could use the one on the plane. When bins are scarce, you’ll want to put your rubbish in here.
  • Lush’s Shampoo Bar – These last for at least 6 months and do a fantastic job on lathering. I highly recommend Godiva! What to do when it’s still wet? There’s a tin from Lush you can buy for these shampoo bars.
  • Soap – It lasts longer.
  • Toothbrush – If your toothbrush comes with a case, this will protect the bristles. 😉
  • Vanity Kit (emery board, cotton balls, cotton swabs) – You just might need them!
  • Wet serviettes* – The nearest WC is far away so you might as well use these serviettes first. Alternative: Hand sanitiser.
Travel Amenities - Dry

NOTE: I did not mention the following because I feel these items don’t need to be in the travel purses:

  • Case for Glasses
  • [Disposable] Panties – Keep more or all pairs in carry-on.
  • Clothing – To last you at least 2 days should your luggage go missing.
  • Laptop or iPad/Tablet & chargers – Best to keep these in your carry-on bag!
  • Passport
  • Purse – Know how much money you have with you.
  • Shoeshine* – You can bring the sponge with shoe polish in it or bring a shoe mit in your dry bag. Keep your shoes shiny!

! Remember, razors, nail clippers, and any liquid item over 100ml must be in the checked-in baggage or you can say goodbye to them at Security !

Travel Purse for Check-in Luggage

  • Liquid items over 100ml – Try to use sample bottles instead. If it’s something you’ve bought abroad however, just make sure it won’t leak!
  • Nail Clippers
  • Razor* – You could buy one abroad (if it’s cheaper) or go for some waxing sessions and not worry about stubble?
  • Swiss Army Knife – I always forget to check this in as it’s attached to my keys. I end up having to pay to mail it home. ;(
  • Tweezers – Tweezers with sharp ends should be checked in just in case!

Weekend Away!

Cute Vintage-inspired Travel Weekend Bag by Kiki's £69

Cute Vintage-inspired Travel Weekend Bag by Kiki’s – £69

These are for your road trips and with no restrictions, you can bring more liquid items. 🙂

  • Body Lotion
  • Conditioner
  • Contacts and/or  Contact Solution
  • Face Cleanser
  • Face Cream
  • Feminine Hygiene – Prepare all sizes.
  • Face Towel
  • Hand Lotion
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Make-up bag:
  • Shampoo
  • Shower Gel
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothbrush (with case)
  • Toothpaste
Travel Amenities for Road Trips

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    • My Mum introduced me to L’Occitane and I’m such a fan! It’s out of my budget range so it’s a good thing she’s the one spending on the products for me. (He he!) I really like their Verbena bath products. The shea butter hand lotion is a family favourite. That goes for the hand soap as well. I also like their hair conditioner and lavender hand sanitiser. Oh and the Angelica face lotion. I think I like just about everything from L’Occitane! If you find a store in your area, go in and test all the products.

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