Tea for One

I enjoy creative products that make our lives easier or more interesting. As a tea drinker, I have my party tea set ready but generally, I find that I’m having tea for one, be it at home or at work or when I’m simply on the go. Here is a list of products that will hopefully make your tea for one as enjoyable as having tea for a party. 🙂

At home

  • Tea For One Teapot Cup

Leave the tray behind and carry a teapot cup with you. You’ll have a spare hand to hold a spoon, creamer, or saucer (some of these teapot cups even come with a saucer). Prices vary and there are plenty available on eBay.


Nina Campbell Birdcage Walk Design Teapot, Cup & Saucer Set – £33 (Source: iconichome.co.uk)

Similar to this concept is the Matryoshka Tea for Two (US$48+). It’s a ceramic teapot with two different-sized teacup ‘heads’ and a strainer!

Matryoshka Tea For Two (Source: )

Matryoshka Tea For Two (Source:myworld.ebay.ca/momoilo_gift_shop)

Another one that I like is this Little Red Riding Hood Tea For One (US$38+) – ceramic teapot, teacup, strainer, and tea basket (to hold your teabag). Too adorable!


Little Red Riding Hood Tea for One (Source:myworld.ebay.ca/momoilo_gift_shop)

  • Mugs

How do you like your tea? These mugs have a colour guide inside the cup for you to match your tea accordingly – Milky, Classic British, Builders Brew, or Just Tea. These go for US$16 on Amazon or around C$23+.

My Cuppa Tea by Suck UK

My Cuppa Tea by Suck UK

Don’t have a green bin (compost) or saucer near you? Tuck your teabag in here!

Source: myworld.ebay.ca/dollybeauty

US$7.97 (shipping not incl.) (Source: myworld.ebay.ca/dollybeauty)

  • Tea Mug with Spoon Holder

Don’t have a saucer to lay your teaspoon? The handle will hold it for you! Dollarama sells spoon-holding mugs for C$2-3 but there are nicer ones available elsewhere if you’re willing to pay more.

Source: Made-in-China.com

Source: Made-in-China.com

This one comes with a lid (that can serve as a teabag holder) and spoon (US$9.99-11.99).

  • Silicone Lids

Silicone lids are my new favourites. 🙂 You can steep your tea or cover the teacup (or mug) to keep dust from falling into your tea. Dollarama sells some plain silicone lids for around C$1-2. Daiso sells prettier silicone lids for C$2. eBay has quite a few, ranging from C$2.50-6:

Some of these silicone lids even act as spoon holders, like the one below or this one. The average price for these are C$2-5.


(source: aliexpress.com)

At work / On the go…

  • Ceramic cup with silicone sleeve and lid

Move away from disposable paper cups – even if you can recycle them. Find a reusable ceramic mug that will keep your beverage hot and protect your hands from betting burnt! You can purchase one at the dollar store (Dollarama, for instance) for around C$1-3 or find a fancier mug on eBay for C$12-20+.

Ceramic Tea Lovers Travel Cup (Source: eBay.co.uk)

Ceramic Tea Lovers Travel Cup (Source: eBay.co.uk)

Or you could try a smaller version – I’m Not a Paper Cup: Thermal Insulated Ceramic Eco Cup Travel Mug Silicone Lid for £4.75. The sleeve is already attached to the cup (won’t slip off) and you’ll have a better grip on your handle-less mug.

  • Spoon Holders

Get a porcelain mug with silicone lid and silicone sleeve with spoon holder – for US$50. :/ Yes, the price is steep but there are alternatives for US$0.50 (Alibaba.com) or US$0.90 (Lulusoso.com).

(Source: Imprintitems.com)

Spoon Holding Double-wall Porcelain Mug with Silicone Lid (Source: Imprintitems.com)

This acrylic travel mug comes with a removable strainer basket for loose tea leaves or teabags. Average price is around US/C $16-19.

Liquid Solutions Tea-zer Tea Tumbler (source: Amazon.com)

Liquid Solutions Tea-zer Tea Tumbler (source: Amazon.com)

  • Silicone Tea Infuser

The tea infuser that I have is a collapsible tea filter with lid (doubles as teabag saucer when you’re done steeping), which I’d found at Winners for around C$5-8.


Source: myworld.ebay.com/bps4summer

A good alternative would be this Trudeau Silicone Strawberry Tea Infuser with Lid Set, which would be excellent if you’re afraid of adding too many tea leaves.

If you just want an adorable tea infuser without a saucer or lid, eBay has plenty of creative designs available, including this Teatanic!

I’ve been looking for something like this my whole life: an infuser + spoon / stirring stick + tea scooper! Tea leaves go in one way and can be easily emptied at the other end. Saves you from having too many tea utensils.

Source: despreslaporte.com

Source: despreslaporte.com

Happy Shopping!

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