Review: Lush Godiva Bar

(This post was written for The Glosse Posse.)

It’s July, my favourite month of the year because it’s my birthday month! I will be introducing you to my favourite products this month, starting with Lush’s Godiva Solid Shampoo.
I was introduced to the Godiva Solid Shampoo through my friend, who had also been introduced to the product through her friend. (See, word of mouth works better than ads!) I was skeptical at first, as I simply could not imagine how a solid bar would be able to lather my hair. I showered her with questions to see if it was really worth buying it. “How long will it last? Does it lather well? Will I need to bring conditioner with me? Does it make my hair smell nice? Will my hair be shiny?”
I learned that these solid shampoos generally last 6 months or so, depending on how often you use it. They are excellent for travelling (no need to worry about the liquid restriction for your carry-on) and, because it contains conditioning butters (Cocoa and Shea butter to be exact, as well as nut oils), it works as a shampoo and conditioner. My friend insisted the shampoo was the best thing ever so I decided to try it out that day. The shampoo bar was amazing! Not only did it lather really well (and pretty quickly too), it did not leave any soapy residue on my hair. My hair felt squeaky clean and I could see quite a bit of shine on my hair. As for smell, the bathroom smelled of Jasmine though I can’t say if my hair had any fragrance (perhaps those sensitive to smell would disagree).
I admit that when I first washed out Godiva, I felt that my hair was too squeaky clean that my hair was all tangled. Yet after combing out the tangles and blowdrying my hair, I was impressed to find glossy, soft hair. Perhaps it’s the smoothing camellia oil.
I’ve only tried one other shampoo bar from Lush but found it too disappointing so I reverted back to Godiva after a few months. As mentioned earlier, these shampoo bars can last around 6 months but it’s important to keep these somewhere cool and dry. Do not leave them in the shower or you will waste the bar’s precious butters and oils.
If you haven’t tried Lush’s shampoo bars already, I highly recommend you buy one (55g for $11.95), along with their tin ($3.95).

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