Review: British Soaps

(This post was written for The Glosse Posse.)

“Cleanliness is next to godliness,” they say and the Victorian ladies certainly practised it daily! According to The Victorian Garden, “the daily regime would begin with a sponge bath, hip bath, slipper bath, or shower bath using fragrant home-made bath products and oils. … lavender was a very popular fragrance during the Victorian era.”

Today I will be introducing you to a few bath & body brands from the 18-19th centuries that a Victorian lady most likely would have used.

1. Yardley – London, 1770

Made with pure extracts and essential oils, Yardley has a collection of botanical, pure shea butter, and liquid soaps.

As English Lavender helps relieve stress, Yardley recommends that one use the soap at night.

2. Woods of Windsor – Windsor, 1770
Woods of Windsor soaps are triple-milled, meaning it can last longer than other types of soap. Also made with natural ingredients, these soaps come in 7 scents.
Lavender Soap
The Lavendar soap is combined with “aromatic notes of patchouli, musk and camomile.”

3. Bronnley – 1884
Also triple-milled, these soaps contain almond oil and shea butter, and come in 16 scents. My first Bronnley soap was Lily of the Valley which lasted me for months and always left a fresh scent that was not too strong but enough to wear alone.

The Lavender soap leaves skin soft and hydrated.

I recommend you pick a soap from any of these brands and see what you think of it! Might I add that all three have royal warrants? 😉

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