Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!


On 24 May 1819, Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent was born in Kensington Palace. She would become Queen Victoria at 18 and rule for 63 years [and 7 months]. Her great-great-granddaughter is our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Victoria of Briton

Queen Victoria of Briton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continuing on with my royalty & me series, here are my facts on how I feel connected to Queen Victoria:

  • I was nearly named Victoria before I was born. It was my name for a few seconds before my name was finally selected.
  • As a child in the British school system, I remembered Queen Victoria as ‘Our Grandmother’. (see photo above) One had to be on his or her best behaviour. For is it not because of her that all her subjects past and present are known for being proper and disciplined?
  • Her love story is one of the most romantic in history. Wouldn’t we all want a Prince Albert?
  • Over-protected childhood and freedom at age 18!
  • We are stubborn.
  • The first fiction I read on her younger days was The Royal Diaries: Victoria, which I unfortunately found quite boring. I fully intend to read her real diaries later.
  • ‘Victoria’ will be part of my future daughter’s name. 🙂