Those Finicky Eyebrows!

If there’s one part of me that has always driven me insane, it’s my eyebrows.

When you look at other people, whether in person or on print (or online), perhaps you’re focusing on their skin, their eyes, or their lips. I look at the brows (not necessarily the first thing I notice). I envy beautiful brows. Some people never have to do anything to them and others, like me, have battled for years to keep the brows perfect.

STEP 1: What eyebrow shape is best for my face?  (


  • thread – Threading is less painful than waxing and much better for you. 🙂
  • wax – More painful and you might take some skin away!
  • pluck – Time consuming and over plucking can lead to no growth! 😦

More info on these solutions from Yahoo.

STEP 2: Great, I have the eyebrow shape! 🙂 Something’s still not right (bald spots). What to do?!


I’ved tried 3 different brands for eyebrow and eyelash growth, all three of which worked well to a certain extent.

  • RapidLash – meant for both lashes & brows and works within 4 weeks, I found this one to be painful around the eyes and it seemed to take more than 4 weeks to work.
  • tarte’s multipEYE lash enhancer – meant for lashes and works within 6 weeks, I found this to be nearly as painful as RapidLash. I certainly noticed some growth after a month and a half.

Talika’s Eyebrow Lipocils

    – This one comes with a mirror! Works within 28 days and I noticed a lot more growth. I didn’t like

Eyelash Lipocils

    on my lashes so I switched the Eyelash for my brows, and Eyebrows for my lashes. Because Talika uses plant extracts, this was not painful to apply on my eyelashes. The one I’m currently using is called

Lipocils Expert

    which is basically the combined version of Eyelash and Eyebrows. I use it on both my brows and lashes.

Alternative: 6 Home remedies to regrow your eyebrows (

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