The Abdication of Queen Beatrix & the Investiture of King Willem-Alexander

Earlier this year, my Dutch friend asked me to go to the Netherlands so that we may partake in the Queen’s Day festivities and so that I may witness the investiture of the Netherlands’ first king since 1890! As I’d already missed the Royal Wedding in 2011 and the Diamond Jubilee in 2012, I was aching to go to the Netherlands but I knew it would not be likely as I still need to work and save up. Since the abdication and investiture took place from last night to this morning in my time zone, I’ve just spent the last few hours looking at as many photos as I can. I am not feeling well today so I have little energy to write a post. Instead, please let me share some links in case you missed out on yesterday’s and today’s festivities.

29 April 2013

Gala Dinner

  • Photos (source: nrc. nl)
  • Photos (source: DailyMail)
  • Best dressed: 1) Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, 2) Princess Letizia of Spain
  • Best tiaras: 1) Crown Princess Sarah of Brunei, 2) Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, 3) Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium

30 April 2013

Abdication of Queen Beatrix

  • Photos (source:
  • Photos (source: DailyMail)
  • Best dressed: former queen, now Princess Beatrix

Investiture of King Willem-Alexander

I liked how the little princesses matched in the same blue fabric but wore different styles. My favourite was Princess Ariane’s. 🙂 In one photo, if they rearranged the King and Queen, each little princess would resemble the adult behind her. Princess Catharina-Amalia resembles her father, Princess Alexia her mother, and Princess Ariane her grandmother!

Water Pageant Gala Dinner

So there you go, a very brief post on the Dutch royalty in April! 🙂

Lang leve Koning Willem-Alexander!

NEW Update: Starting next year, 2014, King’s Day will be celebrated on 27 April, King Willem-Alexander’s birthday!

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