Finding The Perfect Lip Shade: Bobbi Brown Lip Colour

  (This post was written for The Glosse Posse.)

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First of all, nothing bothers me more than washed out lips. Where did your lips go? Where’s the blood gone? Maybe we weren’t all born with Snow White’s red lips but I believe we are born with some sort of colour on our lips. We should be proud of our lips and show that they exist. :)
There are days when our lips are dehyrdrated and look like they’ve been lined with grey. What would our lips look like without that grey? That’s where Bobbi Brown Lip Color ($24 USD) comes in, to give us the perfect ‘nude’ lip shade.There are 24 shades available and if those don’t work, you can also try the shades from Rich Lip ColorCreamy Lip Color, and Creamy Matte Lip Color.
The Duchess of Cambridge has been seen with Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Sandwash Pink (some say Sandwash Tulle). This gives her a natural polished look. :)
It took a few lip colours before the saleslady determined that I’m a Rose. What I love best about Bobbi Brown’s lipstick is that it’s infused with Vitamin C and E, and beeswax to moisturise your lips. This is an essential item for your cosmetic purse!
What’s your lip colour? :)

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