Vintage Finds in Vancouver

Ever since I was no longer considered a girl but a teen girl – young woman, finding elegant dresses and skirts to wear became a challenging task. Where once every dress was made for a princess, suddenly, dresses were shortened, made of uncomfortable, cheap fabric and designs were too trendy. Whatever I managed to find at Marks & Spencer would only fit me for a year before I grew a little taller. It certainly didn’t help that I was the only girl in my class who preferred dresses and skirts over jeans and shorts. Nor did it help that I was terribly old-fashioned and dreamed of wearing clothes from centuries ago. When I made enough money to buy my own clothes, there were times when I found styles that were age-appropriate and long enough. I’m not ashamed of my thighs but I think my legs are long enough that I don’t need to elongate it with a short covering. Furthermore, as I walk and run a lot, short dresses and mini-skirts are just not practical for me. Yes, ironic, I know – but I can run better in dresses and skirts that are hopefully around knee-length!

Nowadays, however, I’m tired of waiting for stores to come out with something that I’ve been waiting for. I’ve tried taking some sewing lessons but I’ve only just learned how to make a skirt. Of course it would be my dream to learn how to make a dress – then I’d end up with a closet of 100 dresses! In the meantime, I’ve turned to vintage stores and thankfully, there are plenty in Vancouver.

  • Black crepe skirt (90’s?) – $35
  • Jonathan Logan dress (70’s) – $45
  • Long white wool skirt (pre-1964) -$40
  • Camel wool skirt (?) – $20?
  • Gloves (from L-R, top-bottom):
    • White ruched gloves – $5
    • White gloves with mini bow – $6.5
    • Nude-toned Elbow length gloves – $6.5
    • Sheer white frilly gloves – $6.5
    • Elbow length opera/ball gloves – $6.5


Vintage Stores I’ve been to:

  • Bohemia Gallery – Great selection, great deals. Pay with cash and save more money! I spent $50 on a dress & skirt.
  • C’est La Vie – Decent to pricey and nothing too old for me.
  • Community Thrift – There are some nice vintage dresses though not necessarily cheap.
  • DeLuxe Junk Company – Fantastic selection but you’ll need lots of $$$!
  • Duchesse – This is one of my favourites and I get my nice vintage skirts from here!
  • F for Frank Vintage – More 80’s-90’s.
  • Lines Clothing – Small little store with a nice selection, a bit pricey for me.
  • Mintage Vintage – A lot of ‘new’ vintage clothes (i.e. never been worn or sold before)!
  • True Value Vintage – Good value but sadly, nothing nice my size. 😦
  • Value Village – You might be lucky if you find something fancy for really cheap!
  • Vancouver Flea Market – I come here on Antique Days for my fine china, vintage hats and gloves, and stamps!
  • Woo Vintage – Clothing is arranged according to decade and type. A bit on the pricier side.

Other places to visit:

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