Herbal Tea for Beauty

Did you know that there are different herbal teas you can drink for health and for beauty?

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Personally, I avoid pills at all costs, even if what ails me is a cold, headache, or cramps. I usually resort to drinking water, as well as tea, and herbal medicine if needed. What I did not know is that tea can help ‘beautify’ one’s skin too! While it might not give you the instant cosmetic satisfaction you may be looking for, remember that everything takes time and you are what you eat (and drink)!

The following teas have multiple benefits but can also have certain side effects. For instance, there are some teas you need to avoid if you’re pregnant or menustrating. There are many kinds of teas so ask around to find the tea(s) that will benefit you most. Note that tea can be served hot or cold (best not too cold), can be drunk internally and applied externally.

  • White tea: cancer prevention, antioxidant, blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, osteoporosis, colds, teeth, gums, stress, energy boost
  • Calendula: detox, immune system, circulation, sore throat (gargle)
  • Chamomille: skin, colds (cough, bronchitis, fever), insomnia, digestion, immune system, weight, sleep, tummy ache, baby teething, menstruation, muscle cramps
  • Chrysanthemum: immune system, skin problems (acne), anti-ageing, teeth & bones, blood pressure, coolant (great for summer), headache, detox, colds, digestion
  • Dandelion: digestion, weight loss, arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes (1 & 2), cholesterol, dementia & Alzheimer’s (early stages). Use on the skin: acne, wounds,burns, bruises
  • Elderberry: fevers, colds, detox, laxative, arthritis, eczema & boils (can be used in bath), immune system, blood pressure, cholesterol, stress
  • Ginger: morning sickness, dizziness, motion sickness, menstruation, colds, fever, digestion, diarrhea
  • Ginseng: energy boost, digestion, immune system, cholesterol, asthma, stress
  • Green: weight loss, cholesterol, headaches, blood clots. No wonder Japanese restaurants service this! 😉
  • Hibiscus: blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, weight-loss, immune system, colds, depression
  • Jasmine: immune system, weight loss, oral hygiene, cholesterol, blood clots, stress. No wonder Chinese restaurants serve this tea! 😉
  • Lavender: headaches, tummy aches, sleep, stress
  • Lemon [&] Ginger: nausea, tummy ache, colds, immune system, blood clots, cholesterol
  • Licorice [root]: coughs, sore throat, mucus, bronchitis, asthma, stomach aches, menstruation, cholesterol, stress
  • Peppermint: sore throat, digestion (gas, bloating)
  • Raspberry [Leaf]: menstruation, menopause, pregnancy (early stages b/f 32 wks)*, colds, digestion, immune system, diarrhea, tummy ache (drink cold), mouth wash. NOT for: babies, toddlers, breastfeeding, breast or ovarian cancer patients, *pregnant women (consult doctor).
  • Rooibos: antioxidant, anti-ageing, some cancers, teeth & bones, circulation, digestion, diarrhea, cramps, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, rest/sleep/insomnia. On the skin: acne, psoriasis and eczema.
  • Rose Bud: immune system, digestion, weight, skin, menstruation, laxative, detox, body cooler
  • Rosehip: immune system, arthritis, rheumatism, knee & hip osteoarthritis, nausea, diarrhea, colds, bloating, urinary tract infections
  • Rosemary: headaches, fever, arthritis, rheumatism, Alzheimer’s, dementia, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, circulation, immune system, mouth wash.
  • Sage: Alzheimer’s, digestion, diarrhea (drink cold), colds, arthritis, rheumatism, detox. On the skin: wounds, insect bites, headaches (warm on the forehead), irritated scalps, darken hair. NOT for: pregnant women, breastfeeding.

Remember to get enough sleep, eat healthily and get some exercise! Sorry, there isn’t a one-tea-benefits-all out there! 😉

Tea brands I like:

  • Avenue 18 – This is the brand my Mum gets natural herbal teas from
  • TWG Tea – Luxurious tea mixtures
  • Twinings – Mainly for their Lady Grey!

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