Quick Fix for the Face

Oh no!

Those bags under my eyes make me look like a panda or raccoon!
All the crying has given me puffy eyes!Eeks! A miniature volcano (aka pimple/zit) has appeared on my face!

What to do?!

In the past (during university), my solution was to cover my face with Vichy makeup:

In my recent posts, you’ve read that I’ve been moving away from makeup. I’ve noticed that my skin has improved on its own (at its own pace), with the help of a better diet (especially cutting down on deep-fried foods and candy). Nevertheless, lack of proper sleep (sometimes due to stress) and snacking on junk food have brought on unwanted dark circles and acne. 😦 Here are some solutions I’ve found:

Dark Circles / Puffy Eyes:

  • Simple: Revitalizing Eye Roll-On – Contains Vitamin B5, cucumber extract, glycerin. I can feel that the skin under my eyes is instantly smoother and I feel more awake!
  • Garnier: Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller – Contains caffeine, lemon essence, and mineral pigments (shades for different skin tones). I’m not sure if this is makeup but my dark circles are gone!
  • Garnier: Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller – Contains caffeine and Vitamin B5. I don’t think this game me the instant results I wanted but it is Canada’s #1 eye cream!
  • Cucumber – Haven’t tried this yet.
  • Eye masks – Skin around eyes feels softer and more refreshed.
  • Tea-bags – Supposed to remove dark circles but I haven’t tried this yet.



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