Hair Care Products

Forget make up and hair gel! I’d rather have flawless skin (see Skin Care Regimen), as well as silky & shiny hair!

I’ve tried many of these hair products from 2006-present and have included comments next to the products. I’ve organised them into 2 continents (2 countries – Canada and Germany) and from best to least favourite. As mentioned in my skin care post, I’m moving away from cheap chemical-filled products to more organic or natural products. In fact, I’m going to experiment with the no shampoo method and see what happens. Stay tuned!

Feel free to ask me any questions about a product you’re interested in.  I might be adding more products in the future so check back for ones with NEW!

My hair: fine-normal, dry
Favourites: Lush, Balea, Phyto, Klorane, anything with Argan oil

Products from North America
Canada (most products are international and can be found in USA as well)

Hair Mask

  • Lush: Hair DoctorIf you leave it on for the right amount of time (i.e. 20 min) – no less, no more – then you will get this tingling fresh feeling from the juniper. You almost don’t need to shampoo or condition your hair after this mask. Once your hair is dry (however you dry your hair), you’ll find you have the shiniest and softest hair, just like a fairytale princess. Unbelievable! Each mini tub lasts 2-4x, depending on the size of your head (it’s the scalp that needs to be covered, not the length of your hair).


  • Lush: Godiva shampoo bar – Leaves hair smelling fragrant and feeling soft. This shampoo bar lasts about 3 months and is perfect for travel! You don’t really need conditioner but while washing your hair, you might feel like it’s squeaky clean and dry and feel the need to condition your hair. Just dry your hair and it will be soft and shiny. Use Hair Doctor prior to shampooing for ultimate results!
  • Lush: Big shampooYou think it’s sea salts but it’s for your hair. First put a lump in your hands and ‘warm’ it up. Then lather it in your hair. Instant shine results indeed! Plus, soft hair!
  • Phyto: PhytosylicHas a planty smell that will take some getting used to!
    • Alternative: Cherir: Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – Italian brand. Apparently they use the oils from bird feathers.
  • Gilchrist & Soames: Spa Therapy Detoxifying sea kelp shampoo – Just one drop and it lathers really quickly and makes hair feel squeaky clean.
  • Klorane: any – I’ve used at least 2 different products and noticed that I had healthier looking hair.


  • Coolway: Boost Repair MaskNot only does this smell good, but my hair is instantly detangled and silky. This is supposed to retain moisture.
  • Just Natural: Bee Refreshed: Invigoration Conditioner (Calypso Coconut)- I love the tropical smell and the silky feel of my hair. 🙂
  • Lush: Happy Happy Joy JoyIt smells lovely and it detangles your hair. I think it’s more of a hair perfumer.
  • Gilchrist & Soames: Spa Therapy Moisturising sea moss conditioner – A great detangler!
  • Lush: Big Solid ConditionerSame issue as Jungle (doesn’t glide right away) so you’ll have to heat it and scrape some off and warm it in your hands first. This is supposed to go with the Big shampoo. Haven’t tried the combo yet!
  • Lush: JungleI expected a lot from this bar and found it a tad annoying. I was hoping the conditioner bar would just glide along my hair, but it felt very dry so I probably exposed it to water too long. The silky feeling comes afterwards. There’s also a cocunuty smell, though not as strong as the Bee Natural. This bar probably could have lasted 3 months or so but it was gone within 2 months. 😦 Might still be useful for travelling.

Leave-in Conditioner / Hair Oil

 Products from Europe

I’d like to point out that my hair looked much better in Germany than in Canada! Please note: Some Balea hair products are sold at Shoppers in Canada but it’s not the same.


Conditioner (without silicon)

Leave-in conditioner
Hair moisturising spray / Hair Oil
Hair spray

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