Beauty Box Reviews – Canada (January 2013)

After reading about and seeing photos of different Beauty Boxes and its products on Zoella‘s and Lesley‘s blogs, I decided in December 2012 that I’d try all of the beauty boxes that would ship to Canada for a 1 month subscription. I immediately signed up for the following:

  • Beauty Box 5
  • Glossy Box
  • Glymm
  • Ipsy
  • Luxebox
  • Top Box
  • Luxe Box

I will provide a brief overview of the beauty boxes and their products. Some boxes include shipping. Taxes are based on BC’s 12% HST.

  1. Ipsy: $15.29 (incl. taxes + shipping)

First to arrive at my door in January was Ipsy. The navy blue make-up bag came in a shiny magenta package. A friend’s sister had recommended Ipsy and Glymm as her favourites so I was certainly very excited to receive this first. Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed for I’d probably expected too much from it. I might not have minded, perhaps, if I didn’t already have similar items at home. I also felt like I didn’t get my money’s worth – that I was better off receiving free samples and buying mini products for that amount. Not only did I unsubscribe, I’ve deleted my account.


  • Pacifica: Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter – Smells nice but I don’t really need another body lotion.
  • Big Sexy Hair spray – I needed a hairspray, something that I can bring with me on the go, so this was one of the products I’m glad I got.
  • Nailtini nail lacquer – Good size but I already have a nude nail lacquer from Butter London, albeit this one gives it a nice gloss.
  • Jose Maran: Argan Oil – This is the best product in this bag. It’s tiny but it can be used anywhere – hands, face, hair, etc.
  • Soho concealer brush – I’d probably be glad to receive it had if I didn’t already have a concealer brush.
  1. Glymm: $13.44 (incl. taxes + shipping)

This beauty bag came in a normal yellowy package and turned out to be just as disappointing as Ipsy. I’m very picky with make-up bags and anything animal-skin like is a turn off for me. I’ve cancelled my subscription a tad too late (they’ve already charged me for Feb), and Glymm’s trying to convince me to stay. Nevertheless, I think I’ll delete my account too.


  • Coolway: Hair treatment ($40 for 9oz) – This hair serum is supposed to infuse moisture in your hair and I can say, yes, it’s true! It instantly detangles my hair and leaves it shiny and hydrated. 🙂
  • Sample of Lavender serum ($34 for 1oz)- I thought this was for anti-ageing but I use it under my eyes and it seems to make me look more awake. My second favourite product after the Coolway!
  • Travel-lite Facial Cleansing Wipe (1 pouch for $3; 2 free pouches given) – Haven’t used it yet but I certainly need this!
  • Lashem: Double Trouble Mascara ($20 for 6ml) – Certainly gives you the voluminous effect and apparently also enhances lash growth!
  • Sample of Burt’s Bees 24 hour Hydration Body Lotion – Seems to be ok.
  1. Beauty Box 5: $12

I was happy to receive this cute turqoise box. Although there isn’t a make-up bag with this, there’s a nice sachet that I can use to put lavender buds or even jewellery. I think this beauty box is supposed to carry environmental-friendly no-animal-testing products. Although they’re quite nice (great value when it includes more than one full size item), I’ll have to unsubscribe for now (save money!).



  • Ferro cosmetics: Desert Rose Blush ($17) – I was hesitant when I saw the colour but I thought I’d try out the blush anyway. This blush can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips. I love it! 🙂 There’s a nice hint of bronze in there too.
  • Pencil Me In Eye Pencil ($6.99 full size) – Too bad it’s grey, otherwise, I would have loved ot use this. There’s even a sharpener cap!
  • Model Co: Colourbox Lip Pencil – Pomegranate ($18 full size) – I wasn’t sure about this colour either and wondered if it would even show up on my lips. It did and it reminded me of my Nars‘ orgasm blush (peachy-pink and gold). Like the eye pencil, there’s a sharpener cap. I really like this product!
  • Perfumies: Solid Perfume Stick (Lemon) ($7 full size) – It looks and feels like lip balm but it’s a solid perfume stick. Not sure if I need to smell like lemon but it’s not bad!
  • Everyday Minerals brush – I can see why this is a favourite: it’s soft! However, I already have a set of make-up brushes and don’t need extras!
  1. Glossy Box: $21 (incl. free shipping)

This is the most expensive one per month but I’d seen great products inside these boxes so you can imagine how excited I was when it arrived in the mail! Once again, there isn’t a make-up bag inside but there’s a nice pink box that can be re-used.



  • Nivea: Lip Balm wiht Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter ($2 full size) – I already have millions of lipbalms but I was happy to test this out. It seems to be keeping my lips smooth!
  • Beauty So Clean: Make-Up Sanitising Wipes ($12.50 for 48; 18 provided) – Received 8-12 of these. I’m quite glad!
  • Burt’s Bees: Body Butter ($12.99 for 170g) – The last one came in a sample packet (Glymm), now this one comes in a sample-size container. At least I can close this up and bring it along when travelling.
  • Too Faced: Lip Injection Extreme ($28 for 0.2oz) – I don’t care for plushy lips so I’m giving this away.
  • B. Kamins: Maple Body Lotion – I imagine it’s nice… I’m donating it so someone else can have softer skin. 🙂
  • B. Kamins: Lip Balm – I feel as if I’d just eaten something spicy. Don’t like it. 😦
  • Wella Professionals: Brilliance Leave-in Mousse ($17.99 for 190g) – This is the other full size item and best product in this box. I love the smell (orchid I think?) and my hair is instantly detangled and smooth.
  1. Top Box: $12

I was on the waiting list for a month before I was allowed to sign up for Top Box. That’s how popular and exclusive this beauty box is (not to mention cheap but best value too)! I also liked the unique packaging, which can be reused. 🙂


  • Deborah Lippmann: Since I fell for You ($20 for 15ml) – I get a whole nail lacquer for $12 plus samples? I’d heard of this great nail lacquer brand and I really like it. The metallic red is also lovely!
  • KMS California: Freeshape quick blow dry ($18.75 for full size) – Somehow this helps drying time be reduced to 50%. Seems to be the case!
  • Make Up For Ever: Pro Finish ($42 for full size) – Insert says it can be used wet or dry for coverage and finish. I don’t really need foundation though. 🙂
  • B. Kamins: Nutrient Replacement Cream Kx – Not only does this hydrate the skin but there’s something in this that makes my skin more awake. It’s a great face cream though I can’t afford the full size for $152 (45g)!
  1. NEW! Luxebox – $29.12 (incl. taxes + shipping)

Update (4 April 2013): I ordered this in December but I missed the shipping date for Jan-Mar so I received the spring box instead, which was a Steven and Chris special. I was very excited when I received the box as I’d heard great reviews about Luxebox. It’s the most expensive one indeed (once every quarter though) so I thought I would be getting the best out of all the beauty boxes.


Boy was I wrong… 😦 I nearly cried when I saw how little I received. Total = 7 samples.


  • Loose Button: Foundation Blender – This is worth around $10. Funny thing is that I spotted a similar item in Winners today for half the price… I like it though.
  • Bourjois: Healthy Mix Gel Serum Foundation (3 packets) ($27) – Just 3 little packets? I’m testing this today and I’m not warming up to it. It’s a radiance-boosting foundation so it might be great if you need a new foundation. I’m moving away from foundation.
  • Coach: Love eau de perfume ($72 for 1.7 oz) – This sample size is worth ~$20. It has a nice fragrance but it’s not my scent. 😦
  • L’Occitane: Shea Butter Hand Cream (10ml) – I love L’Occitane’s shea butter hand cream so I’m grateful to receive this small sample. It’s usually $12 for 30ml so this sample is worth $4.
  • KMS California: Freeshape quick blow dry ($18.75 for full size) – I wish I didn’t receive the same things twice…
  • B. Kamins: Lip Balm – 2nd time I’ve received this. Too bad I didn’t like it.
  • Lancome: Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate – Considering I’m still young and my I have youthful genes, I don’t know if this will really help me but might as well start young. 😉

I just wish I’d received Moroccan Oil’s Body Buff or Kerastase Chroma Captive (albeit I don’t have coloured hair). In fact, I wish I had this person’s beauty box.

Final thoughts…

The past 2-3 winter months have been more endurable with the arrival of these beauty boxes. There were some items that I felt I got my money’s worth and others that didn’t. The ones that are unused and not needed were donated to lower-income women. If you had to choose one beauty box and the cheapest, I’d go with Beauty Box 5 or Top Box. If you wanted to splurge a bit more, go with Glossybox. It’s too bad we Canadians can’t receive USA’s Test Tube (great value for great products & sizes). I’ve decided I’m better off shopping at Winner’s! Receiving beauty boxes was fun while it lasted.


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