A Gentleman’s Guide

Today’s post is dedicated to all the gentlemen in this world and the ones who are seeking change in their lives!

On 22 February 2011, the first International Be a Gentleman Day was inaugurated. I just found out about this event in January 2013 but I am very glad there’s a day to recognise and to encourage the gentlemen in this world who are, unfortuntaely, too often ignored and underappreciated. It is because of some of these gentlemen that I have become a stronger lady. I would like to thank my 3 male best friends who continue to persevere in treating everyone equally. They’ve inspired me and I’m very blessed to have them in my life!

I’m more of a visual person so here are some pics and infographics on being a gentleman (and dressing/looking like one)! Remember, chivalry is not dead! Hope you enjoy today’s post! 🙂


Source: Timeless Gentlemen

On Fashion…

Photo credit: la-petite-duchesse.tumblr.com

Source: Daily Steampunk

The Discerning Gentleman�s Guide to Shoes
The Discerning Gentleman

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