A Royal Baby Prince?

On 25 January 2013, I dreamt that the Duchess of Cambridge is carrying a little princess. I was confused in the dream because I’d thought she would be having a little prince. The dream confused me so much that I started to wonder if it would be true. Yet it wasn’t long before part of me started to feel unsettled and I wondered, ‘What if the world wants a girl but she’ll give birth to a prince?’ Now my gut instincts are saying it’s a boy. Of course, I could be very wrong this time. In the past decade, I’d been able to correctly predict the gender of every European royal baby, the most recent being that the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark was carrying twins, a boy and a girl. It was like a gut instinct. I could be wrong about everyone else’s but not the royals. I told my friend that I had such a useless stupid ‘power’. Maybe it’s not a ‘power’ after all but a fool’s lucky guess.

Personally, I would be happy either way. A baby is a baby, be the child a girl or boy. It seems everyone wants a princess so that she might be the first to have the new inheritance law take effect. Of course, a baby prince could also mean that he could have a daughter who will inherit the throne. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but I’m getting the feeling that there are lots of modern-day Henry VIII’s – except they’re the ones who favour daughters over sons, so much that they’ll feel disappointed if they learned that the next royal heir would not be a royal heiress.

Now that we have the ‘first’ baby bump photos from today, one can also predict the gender of the baby based on the position of her belly.

In fact, considering how long it’s taken me to guess, I think it’s because I don’t want to know. I want to be surprised.

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