Receiving the Liebster Blog Award

One of my favourite blogs that I follow is Tiaras and Trianon, who has already nominated me for 3 different awards! I had been too busy last year to go through the process to accept the awards but this time – being part German and happy to see ‘Liebster’ – I couldn’t pass this one up! I am very grateful, dear Dauphine, to be nominated once again. If you haven’t already, you must go to her blog and learn all about tiaras (and more)! 🙂


In order to accept this award, here are the rules to follow:

liebster-blog-award rules

11 Myths About Myself De-mythed (11 Facts About Myself)

  1. She dyes her hair. I’ve never dyed my hair and I don’t intend to. I inherited my hair colour (various shades of brown with random blonde and red strands now and then) from my Grandma and it’s one of the only parts that I love about me.
  2. She’s Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Asian. I have German heritage, sorry I’m not a beautiful mix like Kristen Kreuk!
  3. She’s super rich. I like dressing up but no, I don’t live in a mansion or some nice looking house.
  4. She’s a spendthrift. I can be but I don’t usually regret my purchases. I wear everything until they’re worn out.
  5. She’s anorexic/bulimic. I’m naturally slender with high metabolism. I eat like a hobbit too.
  6. She’s a ballerina. I wish but while I may act or look like one day to day, I’m very clumsy and confused in ballet class!
  7. She believes in God because she believes in fairytales. I like fairytales but I don’t necessarily take it very seriously. I believe in God because He has saved me and changed me in so many ways. I’d like some respect please.
  8. She only wears dresses and skirts. True but I do sometimes wear jeans/trousers if I really have to (but I still don’t like to).
  9. She doesn’t do or like sports. I wouldn’t call myself athletic but I enjoy recreational activities like football (soccer), field hockey, and ice skating.
  10. She’s like a pussy cat (i.e. or ‘princess’ in a negative way). Sure, I don’t like getting dirty if I don’t have to. I appear snobbish but it’s because I lift my head high. I’m not perfect but I’m not extreme either.
  11. She only cares about looking good. While I try to appear presentable (elegant and neat), I’m not crazy about beauty or fashion. I know it’s odd that I’m always dressed up but I can run in flats and short heels all in a dress or skirt!

11 Answers to the Questions from Tiaras and Trianon

  1. If you were a vending machine snack, which would you be? (And you can’t say the raisins!) A sweet candy like Starbursts!
  2. What’s your favorite thing about blogging? Getting to see who else has similar interests.
  3. What’s your least favorite thing about blogging? The thought that I need to put into it and how time-consuming it can be.
  4. Use at least 5 words to describe your personality. Elegant, sweet, sympathetic, shy, down-to-earth.
  5. What are the 10 places in the world you have to see before you die? (I’m not using or even writing the term b*ck^t l!$t cos I can’t stand it.) Ireland, UK (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Italy, Russia, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, NZ
  6. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Cat all the way!
  7. Do you think your perception of yourself is the same as how others see you? Sometimes, people can be quite wrong about me, depending on who they are and not how long they’ve known me for.
  8. What’s your earliest memory? How old were you? Accidentally swallowing an orange seed and being told by Grandpa that a tree will grow inside me. I was 3.
  9. Do you feel like your astrological sign describes you fairly accurately? Mostly which is fascinating!
  10. If you could travel to any time and place in history, when and where would you go? Probably the 18th Century in France, being best friends with Marie Antoinette. However, I’d probably be married off to some old tub of guts so… no.
  11. Desert Island: one book, one meal, one beverage, one album. Which are they? Bible (need to redeem myself!); Lucky charms cereal (I think they’re lucky!); milk (cos I like it); if album means CD album, then ABBA (I need to sing and be merry!)

11 Nominees (I’m not following the rules, I’m just recommending some of my favourites!)

  1. Kitchen Think
  2. Madame de Pique
  3. The Mended Soul
  4. More Than Just Magic
  5. Planet Frugality
  6. Pretty Little Pink Things
  7. The Princess Letters Project
  8. Serendipitous Stitchery
  9. Sisters, Saints, and Sluts
  10. Versailles Gossip
  11. What Would Kate Do

11 Questions for the Nominees

  1. What is your favourite season?
  2. What is your favourite cuisine? Any particular dish?
  3. Which decade or century (past, present, or future) do you think you belong in?
  4. What’s the funniest film / TV show you’ve ever watched?
  5. If you were a flower, what would you be?
  6. What would your life motto be?
  7. With which celebrity would you like to go on a date?
  8. If life were a musical, which would be your theme/main song?
  9. Who is/are your role model(s)?
  10. What advice would you give your younger self if you could go back in time?
  11. What’s one thing you cannot live without?

If you wish to accept this award, don’t forget to link back to the awarder! 🙂

Cheers! xx

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