Pride & Prejudice turns 200

“It is a truth universally acknowledged” that one must be in want of a good book!

Detail of a C. E. Brock illustration for the 1...

Detail of a C. E. Brock illustration for the 1895 edition of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice (Chapter 3) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

200 years ago, on 27 Jan 1813, Jane Austen received her first published copy of Pride & Prejudice, a day in advance of the announcement on 28 Jan 1813. The novel was initially titled First Impressions, written between 1796-1797. Unfortunately, it was rejected and Austen set about revising the novel between 1811-12. Not long after P&P was published, it was translated into French, German, Danish, and Swedish. Today, it is one of our most beloved novels of all time. Many women dream of finding a Mr Darcy. Some women can relate to the heroine, Elizabeth Bennet. The novel has been adapted for television and film, as well as countless renditions of the P&P tale. Oh, take me to your idyllic Regency world, Miss Austen!

Here are some exciting things to look forward to this year in honour of P&P and Jane Austen!

  • Austenland (movie) – Based on the novel by Shannon Hale, Austenland follows the ‘adventure’ of Jane Hayes (played by Keri Russell) as she travels to an English resort for Austen-crazed women like herself. The film will premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in January. Unfortunately, no other news on when everyone else will get to see it. I am looking forward to seeing JJ Feild, who played my beloved Mr Tilney in BBC’s Northanger Abbey (2007). 🙂
    See the exclusive clip: Janie’s Got a Gun

Once you’ve seen the movie, you will probably want to experience Regency life as well! So save up and visit Bath to attend one of these events or to check out the Jane Austen Centre.

English: *Description: Jane Austen Centre take...

English: *Description: Jane Austen Centre taken by me during my tour of Bath Source: Taken by uploader Date: 31 August 2007 Author: Fahdshariff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Jane Austen Festival: 13-21 September – Bath, England
    • 3rd Masked Ball – Bath’s Pump House
      Tickets: £82 (2012). Limited to 130 attendees.
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English: This diagram, or map, illustrates the...

English: This diagram, or map, illustrates the relationships between each of the main characters in the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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