My Royal Baby Dream: A girl?

On Friday, WWKD wondered if the Duchess of Cambridge could be expecting a baby boy, based on her recent visit to Gap (read post here). (We later learned that she was looking for maternity wear – jeggings.)

I went to sleep with that thought, apparently, for I dreamt that I learned the Duchess is, on the contrary, expecting a girl.

‘I thought [I heard] she’s expecting a boy,’ I said to the informant, suddenly all confused.

So I woke up wondering if my dream was my royal-baby-predicting special power source or if I’d have to wait a few weeks or months and suddenly just ‘know’ what the gender would be. This would certainly be the first time I’ve dreamt about the gender revealed to me rather than using my gut instincts. Nevertheless, I’d rather trust my gut instincts first and for now, I feel nothing.

Background: Since the start of the millenium, I’ve had a strange ability to predict the gender of just about every royal baby (if I was aware that someone was pregnant). I don’t predict based on photos of the bellies. I’m not a mother either (no special maternal sense). It’s just an odd feeling I get but doubt.

3 thoughts on “My Royal Baby Dream: A girl?

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