July’s Royal Baby

Hear ye, hear ye!

St James’s Palace announced today that the royal baby will be born in July!

We now know:

  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has recently had her 12-week scan. Many are assuming she’s 13-14 weeks pregnant.
  • If the above is true (i.e. 13-14 wks pregnant), she’s likely to give birth mid-July
  • The royal baby will be Prince X or Princess X (Royal baby girl ‘would be princess‘ – bbc.co.uk)
  • Firstborn, regardless of gender, will be next in line to the throne
  • There’s only 1 royal baby not royal babies (i.e. no twins)
  • Boy or girl? That will be a secret (as it should be)!
  • George and Victoria are now the top betting favourites for royal baby names

Just 6 more months of speculation (the baby bump watch)! 6 months until we learn the birthdate and gender of the royal baby. By July, royal baby memorabilia will be flying off the shelves like hotcakes! It’s madness but I hope the Duke and Duchess will still have their moments of privacy and peace. I admit I’m curious – what will my ‘inner guts’ tell me about the gender of the royal baby? Will I be correct again or will I finally fail?

Now that part 1 [of 2] of my 2013 wish has come true, I hope part 2 comes true in July – I’d love to share my birthday with you! 😉

I’ve started a royal countdown and have set 1 July 2013 just in case the baby comes early. 🙂

In the meantime, here are some fun (generalised) facts about July babies (I’m one of them!):


People born in July are always fun to be around. They are forgiving, caring, and loving. They like to be alone, but are also very friendly. They truly treat others as the would like to be treated and incredibly sympathetic. They have a lot of wit and are great people to talk to. Unfortunately, they are quick to judge people by what they see. They are sensitive and moody people and also tend to be hurt fairly easily. Although they are quick to forgive, they do not forget as quickly. They are also quite secretive and therefore difficult to understand.

(Yahoo! Voices: Personality by Birth Month)

Detailed facts taken from Readers Heaven:

  • Fun to be with (my friends think so but maybe because I can be silly?)
  • Secretive (generally)
  • Difficult to fathom and to be understood (I am easily misunderstood)
  • Quiet unless excited or tensed (very me!)
  • Takes pride in oneself (in being different but I still have low self-esteem)
  • Has reputation (I’m the good girl 🙂 )
  • Easily consoled (Depends)
  • Honest (Yes but – see next few)
  • Concerned about people’s feelings (I don’t like hurting people’s feelings so I try to be honest without being too sharp. I also care about how people feel in general.)
  • Tactful (what I said above)
  • Friendly (Yes, I hope I still am!)
  • Approachable (I might look snobbish – apparently – but I’m friendly!)
  • Very emotional (I used to be extremely so!)
  • Temperamental and unpredictable (Can be!)
  • Moody and easily hurt (Yes, yes)
  • Witty and sarky (usually lost on people though…)
  • Sentimental (there should be an ‘s’ in my name for this!)
  • Not revengeful (used to be, now I just wish those in the wrong will reap what they sow!)
  • Not aggressive unless provoked (mind my temper!)
  • Forgiving but never forgets (I never forget)
  • Easily hurt but takes long to recover (wish that weren’t true)
  • Dislike nonsensical and unnecessary things (true!)
  • Guides others physically and mentally (not physically…)
  • Sensitive and forms impressions carefully (sensitivity affects the way I form impressions, I think)
  • Wary and sharp (I try to be wary not I wouldn’t say I’m either)
  • Judge people through observations (indeed)
  • Caring and loving (Yes 🙂 )
  • Treats others equally (I try my best to)
  • Strong sense of sympathy (Oh yes!)
  • Hardworking (I’m mostly lazy but I made it this far…)
  • Puts in effort in work (if it’s something I care about!)
  • No difficulties in studying (Ha! This is not me!)
  • Loves to be alone (I want my alone-time at times)
  • Likes to be quiet (same as above)
  • Always broods about the past and the old friends (YES!!!)
  • Homely person (umm yes I’m unattractive and at the end of the day, it’s home sweet home!)
  • Waits for friends (*sigh* story of my life)
  • Never looks for friends (I suppose we just become friends)
  • Prone to having stomach and dieting problems (I don’t think so?)
  • Loves to be loved (Well, it’s a nice feeling. 🙂 )
  • Overly concerned (particularly about people!)

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