Fancy Dinner & Amaluna

I had been invited for dinner at YEW restaurant + bar and to see Cirque du Soleil‘s Amaluna last night by Four Seasons Hotel. I enjoyed a delicious 3-course apple-filled meal before we were bused to the blue-and-yellow tents at Concordia Place.



The ticket I was given was right on the aisle in the 2nd tier, from the left side of the stage. This was my 2nd CdS performance that I’d attended, the first being Ovo in 2009 in Toronto. Of course, I was blown away by the stunning performance! I’m very glad that my friend had recommended that I watch it and thrilled that I had received a free ticket to the show! What was particularly significant that day was that we had just learned that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge had attended CdS’s Kooza in London the night before (9 Jan – Kate’s birthday)! What a coincidence!

Source: Cirque du Soleil

Things I liked about Amaluna:

  • I loved the costumes in Amaluna! I liked some of the Tudor-influenced costumes (those puffy shorts!). I also really liked the peacock and white/black peacock dresses. I’d like a peacock costume and mask, please! 🙂

    Source: Dario Ayala/THE GAZETTE

    Photos: Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna dazzles

    Source: Ian Lindsay , PNG

    “From left, Adrianne Nadeau plays a Valkyrie, Amy McClendon plays the Peacock Goddess, and Ernesto Terri plays a Peacock in Amaluna…”
    (Source: Shaughn Butts , Edmonton Journal)

  • I was very impressed with the balance goddess. I don’t understand how she did it. It’s like magic! I wish I had her power!

Source: Laurence Labat Photo

  • I never knew its possible to walk on tight rope in heels… Or en pointe! :O I can hardly balance on either on solid ground!

    Source: Celine & Jean Michel

  • All the swinging around, flipping, cycling, balancing, body contortions… I kept covering my mouth or letting my jaw drop. Not only was I beyond impressed, I was terrified an accident would happen!
  • The clown & pirate (Jeeves & Deeda) love story with their cute babies!

    Source: Quebec Spot

  • Love story of Romeo and Miranda. :}

Interesting Facts:

  • 1st performance with 70% female cast
  • 1st performance with all-female band
  • Loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest

If you [are in Vancouver and] haven’t seen Amaluna yet, hurry now to buy your tickets before tents go down after 20 Jan! Tickets Tonight offers 15% off your ticket, starting from just over $50. You won’t regret it!

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