Lush’s Face Masks

One of my friends finally (and successfully) convinced me in 2011 to try out one of the face masks from Lush. The first face mask I tried was the Oatifix. For $6.95 CAD in a 60g / 2.1 oz pot, I wanted my money’s worth! It was winter so, being a combo skin type, my face tended to be a tad dry. After trying the face mask, I couldn’t stop touching my baby-bum cheeks.

Soothing Banana Mask for dry skin

It wasn’t long, however, that I felt my skin tighten a bit and the mini dry ‘dust’ appear here and there. Perhaps I’d put it on for too long? I decided to go back and try another face mask: BB Seaweed. My skin felt more moisturised but I didn’t care for the smell. Furthermore, the seaweed clumps clogged up our drain. 😦

Seaweed Mask

Over the next year, I tried:

To revive sluggish or congested skin

I liked the little apricot seeds (I think that’s what they were?). I certainly felt like my skin had been exfoliated! I recommend this one.

Balancing Mask for all skin types

Another nice face mask but it didn’t make me too excited.

Divine Intervention for Dry or Mature Skin

This is my favourite face mask and the one I miss the most! I experienced the best results with this one! I don’t really have dry skin and I certainly don’t have mature skin but something in this mask made my face soft and radiant! Loved the smell too!

Right after I’d tried Oatifix, I went back to Lush to buy Angels on Bare Skin.This gentle lavender scrub and cleanser is a worldwide best-seller. My skin felt incredibly soft! The only downside is that the lavender buds clogged up my sink too… :/

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