Recommendation du jour: Pedag Viva Winter Insoles

My Pedag Viva Winter (Solar Plus) insoles arrived today! I highly recommend these for winter – particularly if you need arch support!

Pedag Viva Winter – 13,95€

I bought my first pair in Germany after a saleslady recommended it to me. These insoles saved my poor feet during the 3 months of cold weather in 2009! Not only did it keep my feet warm, but I felt as if I could walk all day – which is especially important if you’re walking on cobblestones all the time! The first time I put them on, I felt as if I was walking on a sofa. I felt taller but more centered too.

Unfortunately, after over-wearing these insoles (I wore them every day for hours and might have worn them for the entire year, minus the summer months), the heel started to wear thin and I could see the aluminium layer underneath it. In Dec 2010, I bought another pair which lasted me for another year but they were certainly not as helpful for winter 2011. Since I hadn’t bought an extra pair in Germany as I should have, I had to settle with flat insoles which did the trick but didn’t give me the comfort I needed. After 2 winters of misery, I decided to order my 3rd pair from Amazon, which costs $21.81. Since I am not in the States, and therefore, not eligible for free shipping, the total came to just over $37, including shipping & handling. It’s a shame Canada doesn’t sell this (just the leather Pedag Viva). 😦 Next time I’m in Germany, I’m buying extra for future use!

Pedag also has a line of other Viva insoles for men, women, and children and for various activities. I haven’t tried their other products, as I’ve stuck to the more affordable Dr Scholl’s foamy shoe inserts.

On another note, Happy Christmas to all Orthodox Christians today! 🙂

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