The new BC Services Card

New Canadian passport coming out this year. Now BC is updating its government ID’s.

Today, I noticed an ad on the bus featuring the new BC Services Card – another government ID – that will be available starting 15 February 2013. Basically, it’s: BC driver’s licence / BCID (non-driver’s) + CareCard (health card). How convenient is that? I for one can’t stand carrying a million cards that won’t fit in my wallet.

The BC Services Card will replace BC CareCard, but questions surround the move.

Source: Vancouver Sun

There are 3 types of BC Services Card:

1. BC Drive’s Licence & Services Card:

Pretty self-explanatory: You drive so now you can combine your licence with the services card!

2. [Non-Driver’s] Photo BC Services Card:

You’re an adult and you don’t drive.

3. Non-Photo BC Services Card :

  • All under 19 and over 75 (who don’t have a driver’s licence)
  • New residents with temporary immigration status
  • Those who can’t visit an ICBC driver licensing office

Where to go: an ICBC Driver Licensing Office

What to bring:

  • ID (driver’s/BCID)
  • CareCard

What happens:

  • Get your pic taken
  • Receive new card in the mail!

Please note that all adults have until 2018 to renew their MSP enrollment and get a new BC Services Card. BC Services Cards are valid for 5 years.

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