Period Dramas 2013

This list will be updated as more period/costume dramas and release dates are known.
Click on the links for the complete lists of Period Dramas – Movies and Period Dramas – TV series.

In alphabetical order by year:


  • Austenland (movie) *not a real period drama but there are Regency costumes
  • A Grand Affair (movie) – 2013
  • Reign (TV) – 17 Oct 2013

  • The White Queen (TV) – BBC airs 16 June 2013. Starz airs 10 August 2013.

PLEASE SEE Upcoming Period Dramas 2014-Future at for more!

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11 thoughts on “Period Dramas 2013

  1. Another “Romeo & Juliet” already? When was the last one? Which feature are you looking forward to most? I think for me it’s “the White Queen” but, entre nous, I haven’t watched all the previews yet!

    • Yes, the new R&J stars the girl from True Grit and the boy from BBC’s Great Expectations (2011). Oh and GG’s Chuck Bass (forgot his real name) plays Juliet’s cousin. Last R&J must have been the Baz Luhrmann version with Leo.
      I’m looking forward to quite a few, I can’t pick one! :p In fact, Ripper Street is one of them, as I’d done a course & a tour on the Whitechapel murders in 2008. Will be gruesome. :/

  2. Please look up Maison Close, its a French period drama about prostitutes trying to break free from a brothel. I can’t wait until is available in the US.

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