Downton Abbey S3 Christmas Special & S4 (2013)

Those of you who are in Downton Abbey withdrawal, I bring you good tidings!

Downton Abbey Christmas Special

Source: Period Movies ( Facebook)

On Christmas Day at 9PM, ITV will air the 2-hour Christmas special and transfer viewers to Duneagle Castle in Scotland – for their summer holidays. Yes, unlike last year’s Christmas special, we will not be hearing Christmas carols or be seeing snow around the castle.  We will be seeing Lady Rose who was sent back home at the end of S3. On the other hand, we’ve been warned to have our tissue boxes ready, as we will be experiencing a range of emotions… Hmm, surely not a death on Christmas!

Downton Abbey Series 4 coming in 2013

Eight more episodes have been commissioned for Series 4, which will air in autumn 2013. Not too much information available at the moment but the series will continue to be set in the early 1920’s. Shall we be seeing more flapper dresses like the one Lady Rose wore in London?

UPDATE: 26 Dec 2012 (SPOILERS)

That was the most depressing Christmas special. Thankfully, I watched the S3 Christmas Special on Boxing Day. I can’t imagine how everyone dealt with it on Christmas! Prepare a box of tissues indeed! I had even typed (as you can clearly see above), ‘surely not a death on Christmas!’ Unfortunately, that’s just what happened. In one of the articles I was reading, I knew that Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew Crawley, was contemplating leaving but I thought that meant he would slowly disappear. Or at least die of something more natural than that! I’d even hoped that perhaps he’d simply be rushed back to hospital and live on, not AT the scene! We’re still recovering after dealing with Lady Sybil’s death after all! Thanks Dan Stevens. You couldn’t have waited for a Downton Abbey S4 finale?

I can’t remember if I read this but I think even Dame Maggie Smith (Countess Grantham) is thinking of leaving. Perhaps she’ll die of a heart attack. I have a feeling S4 just might be the last series for Downton Abbey before Julian Fellowes presents the prequel to Downton Abbey – a story about how Cora and Lord Grantham ended up together.

Well, well… we can assume the new addition to the Crawleys will be named Matthew. I just knew Mary would have a son, it was such an odd feeling as this is all fictional. I just didn’t think she would have a son BECAUSE Matthew would die! Poor Mary and poor Tom. 😥 I even feel sorry for Lady Edith – every man she desires is rejected by the family!

Source: Daily Mail

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