How to Shop on Boxing Day

Boxing Day is just around the corner, filled with sales and LOTS of people. Some of you will go and find just what you want. Others will fail at every store and give up. I’ve had many a successful money-saving Boxing Day experiences so I’d like to share my strategy with you.

1. Make a list of what you need
Have you been eyeing something that’s just not worth the original price or perhaps is priced beyond your budget? Do you need something for work, formal events, or skiing? Are you running out of socks?

2. Find out where to find these items
Give yourself a few possible places, preferably with walking or convenient travelling distance. Include store hours for that day.

3. Prioritise the list
What is the most needed item? Is it a hot item (will it sell out quickly)? Which store has queues for entering? Make that the first destination. In the past, for instance, The Bay and Sears in Vancouver were the least busiest. I visited those stores last.

4. Research online
Read reviews on products or items. Is it really that great? Is it cheaper online? Is the item cheaper at some stores?*
*You may have to visit the stores that carry the item to compare prices.

5. Try on the items
Never wait until Boxing Day to try something on. There are long queues and you’re not maximising the time you have. Try on the jacket, dress, or shoes now. Does it fit? Do you like it?
Check to see how many are available and which other stores carry them.

6. BOXING DAY: Shop!
Wake up early and head out before noon! Follow your list and make sure you find the item and purchase it immediately. Queues can take 30-60 min long (or longer).
When you’re done and you think there might be some good things around that you might need or could use, you’re now free to take your time.

Hope this helps! 🙂 Happy Christmas!

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