How to Stay Dry & Warm Outdoors in Winter

Two months ago, I wrote a post on How to Stay Dry Outdoors on Rainy Days. I am overdue for a winter version  (Vancouver – at least the Lower Mainland – is still in its rain season but I know the rest of my country and many other countries are snowed in!) so I better post it now! I’ve included miscellaneous links to photos of European royals in their winter attire for inspiration. 😉 Please note, I have not included winter clothing or thermal under layers.

My Winter Ensemble

What you can wear:


Whichever one or two of these you choose, try to pick something that will at least cover your derrière. Maybe even your thighs. You’re welcome. 🙂 (See examples: Crown Princess of Denmark and Crown Princess of Sweden.)

  • Wool Coat – serves as a natural windbreaker and it will definitely keep you warm!
  • Down Coat – I have this ultra warm jacket filled with goose down feathers but then I discovered that it isn’t waterproof! It’s neither good for snowy or rainy days. Still warm though.
  • Waterproof Coat – either layer up (which saves you money and gives you the option of removing each layer should it get too warm) or get something that will keep you warm on the chilliest of days!


  • Gloves – If you use a smartphone, I recommend getting a pair of touchscreen gloves so that your poor fingers won’t have to turn into icicles! They even have leather gloves!
    These are the ones I have:
  • Mittens – Just remember you can’t use your fingers so it might be a hassle!
    These are similar to the ones I have:

    Ladies Sheepskin Mittens

    Source: The Wolf Den

  • Muffler – I find these keep my hands much warmer than mitts do!


I don’t know about you but if my ears are cold, I will get a massive headache – and then I shall definitely come down with a cold! There are various options for keeping your ears warm. You can wear a hat that covers your ears; earmuffs; ear ‘covers’; wrap a scarf around your head!

Burberry Giant Check Earmuffs


  • For those who wear trousers, now’s a good time to invest in those warm wooly socks!
  • For those who wear skirts or dresses, you have two options:
    • Over-the-knee socks: Try to get something thick!
    • Stockings: I bought 2 kinds of stockings: fleece (good for certain temperatures) and cashmere (very warm!) from MeMoi. If it gets too cold, I’ll throw on an extra pair of tights or put on the over-the-knee socks.

5. HAT

Keep your head covered! Saves you from a migraine or headache! (For example, see the photos of the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge.)


Cashmere, wool, upcycled fur… You can always bury your face in them if it’s too chilly!


Suede, leather, synthetic – keep your calves warm!

I would even suggest getting a pair of these thermal insoles that I’d bought in Germany. It is the most comfortable and warmest thing I’ve ‘stood on’. Unfortunately, I seem to need a new pair each year as I wear these every day during winter and my heel rubs a lot on the insoles. I have flat feet so I need the arch support.

Pedag Viva Winter 

Otherwise, there are plenty of thermal insoles out there that will keep your feet warm!



Rubber or PVC, you know you can wear these all year long in rain, snow or mud. I used to have Gore-Tex boots but then I realised that cleaning up the mud was such a bother. Nevertheless, it’s your choice! You can also buy wellie socks (or save money and just don an extra pair of socks). (For example, see the Duchess of Cambridge in Le Chameau.)

  • Hunter’s – This brand comes with the royal approval from the Queen AND the best thing about these is that they’re tall! I prefer the Hunter’s Regent [Neoprene] style (looks classier, like equestrian wellies) but those are around $150 CAD, compared to the original tall, which costs around $125+ CAD. You may be lucky and find a pair for much less.
    Hunter Regent Neoprene
  • Kamik– Buy Canadian! These are the most affordable (compared to the above-mentioned wellies), they’re made of rubber and you can get wellies for rain or snow! I recommend the following for:
    • Rain: Jennifer ($70+ CAD). These are the tallest wellies and it comes with a Kamik crest! These are the ones I own.
    • Snow: Lisbeth ($85+ CAD). These will keep your feet and shins warm – particularly on snowy days! They’re glossy and there’s grey faux fur around the top.

*I like to save money on footwear so I usually try on shoes/wellies in stores, then order them online. If you’re in Canada, I recommend these 2 sites, both of which offer free shipping & free returns:


Just in case your winter is like our winter (i.e. rain in lieu of snow), this Fulton’s Birdcage Umbrella (see Queen’s purple umbrella) will be one of the best investments of your life! You’ll never have to worry about having your umbrella flip inside-out or having the end poke someone in the eye or still be sprayed by rain in your face! The Queen appears to have one in every shade to match her outfits. I picked black. Goes with everything!

Cost: ~ $24.99-$35.00 CAD

Where to buy: Hudson’s Bay Company or any place selling umbrellas. Check e-Bay and too!

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