5 Years of Gossip Girl: Oh the Memories

Yesterday’s episode was… wow, rather different from what I’d expected though at the same time, I might have spoiled the ending for myself by googling photos too soon. It took me a good while before I realised that that was it. There wouldn’t be anymore GG episodes anymore. Our ‘non-judgmental breakfast club’ / UES / GG ‘friends’ would no longer be entertaining us every Monday. The 6-series, 6 year-long show is over.

In one of my blog posts, I talked about my history with GG. I had become an addict since I started to watch the show in 2008 and couldn’t imagine my life without Gossip Girl! At the same time, I wasn’t sure how long the TV series would go on for. Would I still be watching the show when I’m married with children? I admit, there were times I thought, ‘Everyone’s dated each other a million times over. Just give us a happy ending and let us move on with life!’ Well, yesterday, that thought or wish came true. Am I happy? Am I relieved? Am I simply nostalgic? I think I’m all of the above.

Review of GG S6

S6 is definitely my least favourite season. Thankfully, there were only 10 episodes. In fact, of all 10 episodes, I did not enjoy E1-9. There was so much inconsistency and it looked as if Blair had stopped using her brain. Fine, we knew she always wanted Chuck. Furthermore, there was nothing that made me laugh either, despite the fact that GG writers usually gave some of the characters, especially Blair, something witty to say.

Despite the fact that I found the characters in S6 acting rather inconsistently, leaving many of us asking thousands of questions about S5 or the past 5 seasons, it was still the ending that was supposed to happen. Go back to S1 and S2. It was meant to be Seredan and Chair. For the TV series at least. If only there hadn’t been a million complicated things that happened over the last few seasons!

Well, “all’s well that ends well.”

Who’s Gossip Girl?

Remember the video I posted in my previous post on who the actors thought GG would be? Looks like Matthew Settle (Rufus) was correct, despite the fact that he seemed to think it would be funny.

Dan Humphrey.

Dan Humphrey

Dan Humphrey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gossip Girl is a guy? I’d been expecting it would be Jenny, perhaps (Serena‘s “You had the power to reveal her identity this entire time,” seemed to indicate GG would be someone close to Dan). Or perhaps the girl whose voice was used as Gossip Girl, Kristen Bell (GG writers, you fooled me when you got her to read out the famous lines, “Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite.” I thought it was her!). Dan…But then it started to make sense. It had to be someone who knew everyone very well, as well as miscellaneous details during a private dinner, for instance. Dan’s Inside book. Dan’s harsh chapters on each character. He knew them too well. Nevertheless, I will need to rewatch S1-5 to see if it makes sense that it had been Dan all along.

Nevertheless, I completely agree with the author of this article: Who ‘Gossip Girl’ is and why finding out ruined everything: A final disgruntled review (@cadlymack).

Thoughts on the Future of GG Characters

5 years later…

I half suspected the GG writers would give us one of those “and they lived happily ever after” endings. We want to know what becomes of our GG characters, don’t we?

  • Nate runs for mayor
    He’ll make a better politician than his grandfather and cousin did. Good for you, Nathaniel!
  • Blair & Chuck have a son, Henry

    In an interview with Stephanie Savage, we learn that Henry was named after Chuck’s new name while he was in Prague. It was heartwarming to see Chuck as a changed, doting father, giving his son the love he never received from his own late father. I was personally surprised they would have children so early but then I do remember them talking about raising Blair’s unborn child (who turned out to be Prince Louis’) in S5. I suppose they were ready to settle down. No more affairs or schemes.

  • Welcome back, Eric and Jenny!
    Very small cameo roles, but at least it’s good to know Dan’s and Serena’s siblings were back for their wedding. Apparently, Little J is working for Waldorf Designs (i.e. Blair)!
  • Uncle Jack Bass and Georgina Sparks are perfect for each other
    I’d always wondered why these devious 2 never ended up together in the first place. They’re perfect for each other. We don’t know what happens to Georgina’s ex-husband nor her son, but we can assume her ex-husband is still glad to have her son.
  • Rufus and Lisa Loeb
    Rufus went to see her concert (in S6) and now they’re together. I liked Rufus in glasses. I admit I almost thought he and Lily got back together (which would have been very odd, since their own children are marrying each other!).
  • Lily and Mr Van der Woodsen
    Who knew that he always loved Lily and wanted to be with her again. Despite the fact that he abandoned her and the kids. Well, good for Serena and Eric – you have a dad again! What about Lola?
  • Dan and Serena tie the knot!

    Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

    In my last post, I knew they would get married, as I’d already seen photos of their ‘wedding’. I knew they were supposed to be older – i.e. not in their early 20’s. However, I couldn’t figure out why they would choose to marry 5 years later versus, for example, 1 year or 2 later. Perhaps they wanted to take it slow and make sure it would really work this time? Congratulations, Lonely Boy! You got the girl you’ve always wanted, your happy ending!
    By the way, I found it interesting that Serena’s bridal gown was gold – similar to her cotillion gown!

The new Gossip Girl?

5 years later, a mysterious ‘Lonely Boy’ walks down the sidewalk outside Blair’s and Chuck’s town house. He passes by a handsome blond ‘Chuck’, who seems more stuck up. He also passes by two pretty girls, a spoiled brunette like Blair and a more sympathetic blonde like Serena. There probably won’t be another GG show with new characters but we get the idea. We wonder what will happen to them and if they will go through the same dramas as their predecessors have.

I end this post with my 2 favourite GG episode moments:

S2E25: Chuck finally says, ‘I love you’ to Blair

S5E17: Blair gets together with Dan

Good night and goodbye!

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