Royal Engagement 2 in Luxembourg: Prince Félix & Claire Lademacher

Not even 2 months since the Royal Wedding in Luxembourg of HGD Prince Guillaume and his wife Stéphanie, Comtesse de Lannoy, the Grand Ducal family has been announced today, 13 Dec, that the 2nd son of Grand Duke Henri, Prince Félix is engaged to Claire Lademacher! Many were already wondering when Prince Félix would follow in his brothers’ footsteps (Guillaume’s and Félix’s younger brother, Louis, had already gotten married in 2006). I’m not sure when Félix popped the question but I wonder if it had been yesterday, 12/12/12! Or perhaps it had been earlier and I was too oblivious to know what was happening.

See more engagement photos here.

Like HGD Princess Stéphanie, ClaireLademacher is multilingual, speaking German, English, French, and Italian. Now all she has to learn is Luxembourgish, which is very close to French and German so I’m sure she will have no trouble picking it up! I’d also like to add that she’s extraordinarily educated and well-rounded. She is currently studying towards a PhD, is athletic, loves social and cultural activities, and has even taken part in a few humanitarian trips. My, my, the princes of Luxembourg are marrying rare gems! Are you feeling intimidated? Well, I am!

Congratulations to the young couple! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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Royal Engagements count: 2

UPDATE: Royal Wedding set for 21 September 2013!

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