Gossip Girl S6 Final Episode *SPOILERS*

The 6 series Gossip Girl will come to a close next Monday, 17 December, in ‘New York, I Love You XOXO’. 121 episodes of GG come to an end. No more Monday nights with Gossip Girl, making us happy or driving us bananas! What will happen in S6E10? Will Chair fans rejoice? Will all GG fans groan or will they tearfully wave goodbye to their Upper East Side ‘friends’?

What will happen?

In my previous GG post, typed up just before S6 premiered, I thought that perhaps the writers will give us a breakfast club ending. All our GG characters reminiscing the good ol’ days (mainly S1-2). This set photo from S6 proves my point. Their hairstyles are even from S1!

Or maybe it will flashback to HS and then you realise Dan was writing about the GG future the whole time! Oui? Non?

But wait! What about this photo? Will Serena and Dan finally get married too?

The S6 finale promo hints at 2 main things all GG viewers have been wondering about:

1. Chair weddingwill they actually get to be together?

We know it will be interrupted, as Chuck is suspected of being involved in his father’s demise:

2. Identity of Gossip Girl – is it someone we know or is she a ‘new character’?

Will the face of GG be portrayed by Kristen Bell, who will make a cameo appearance in the season finale? (article)

Watch this funny video on who the main GG actors think Gossip Girl is:

I love Kelly Rutherford’s (Lily  van der Woodsen) response! “I’m Gossip Girl! Didn’t you know that?”

Who will we see again?

From this blog post, we learn that Jenny and Eric will make a final appearance in GG. We don’t know if we’ll see Vanessa again but we do know that we’ll see Juliet (her brother was in jail because of Serena’s Mum) again, according to this article.

What to expect

What we do know is this: GG viewers will be left screaming at our TVs! Uh oh, don’t like the sound of this! Plus, there won’t be any more GG episodes to make up for our furry at the end of the 10th episode of S6!

“There’s a twist in the final 15 minutes that I dare say will prove more polarizing than the incendiary Dan-Blair-Chuck triangle.”

1 more week!

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