The Benefits of having a Tangerine Account

As Christmas and other holidays are fast approaching, I would like to give you another little gift: a $50 bonus when you open a new Tangerine bank account!

I’ve been saving with Tangerine since June 2012. Since then, I’ve lived financially stress-free. Why?

  1. NO bank fees to worry about
  2. I get to earn interest every month! It’s minimal but better than nothing.
  3. NO minimum balance (some banks require a min. balance or they’ll charge you!)
  4. Can access account through Scotiabank and its international ATM partners (e.g. Barclays, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas) with no extra charge.

I highly recommend opening a Tangerine account especially if you’re:

  • a student
  • going abroad (temporarily) OR studying/working abroad in Canada
  • under 30
  • unemployed
  • starting a new job
  • temping

Until 30 April 2018, if you open a new Tangerine account – be it chequing, TFSA (savings), or similar – with an initial balance of $100 CAD, you will be given a $50 bonus (it’s usually $25)! Simply enroll and enter my Orange Key39200510S1. You’ll even be able to order your first 50 cheques for FREE! Once you have an account, you’ll get your individual Orange Key so that you can refer your friends too, thanks to the Refer A Friend programme!

What’s there to lose? 😉

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