A July Royal Baby?

Day 2 of the Royal Baby fever

  • Future King or Queen
    Thanks to the Commonwealth countries (Hurrah! Commonwealth pride!) and the UK Government, the new succession law has been passed. Whether the Royal Baby be born male or female, he or she will still be heir to the throne (at the moment, 3rd in line). AP has created a ‘family tree‘ showing the line of succession.
  • A July Royal Baby?
    Forget the names, it’s now about possible due dates! Yesterday, just about everyone was guessing the baby would be due in June, like Prince William. Today, more info on HG (hyperemesis gravidarum: a rare acute morning sickness. *See links below for more info.) and other hints are pointing to a July baby. Note that the late Lady Diana Spencer (Diana, Princess of Wales) was a July baby (Birthday: 1 July)! This news is particularly of great interest to me as I am a July child. If the child is due during the 2nd week of July, it’s likely (s)he could be late and be born the 3rd week of July… and share my birthday! 😀 *wishful thinking* And next year is going to be a special year (i.e. age) for me!

    • See article on 5 hints for July royal baby:
      • HG peak: Duchess is under 12 weeks but possibly 6-10 weeks along
      • Pregnancy joy in Nov
      • Originally planned Christmas announcement
      • Daily Mail quotes source who claims she’s 8 weeks along
  • July’s Princess Diana?
    Back to the names: If the above is true, and if the baby is a girl, this makes it very likely the daughter will bear the name Diana, though, as mentioned in my previous post, as one of her middle names. Perhaps tradition requires more common queenly first names such as Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, etc.?

Now that it’s been settled, let’s not forget to think of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and what they would want during the pregnancy:

  • Privacy: Yes, they are public figures but they are humans too. They have indulged all of us with news that there will be a Royal Baby, due sometime next year. I know many of you will want constant updates: names, gender, exact due date, twins?, maternity clothing, photos – as highlighted in this post. Let’s not add to the stress on first time parents, royal or not. Let them prepare everything and announce what they want when the time is ready. In the meantime, wish them well.
    As a Guardian of Royal Love supporter, even I need to control my curiosity and respect their privacy.
  • Rest: This should be obvious to mothers and mothers-to-be. Not to mention she’s suffering from acute morning sickness! Have mercy on the lady!

*On Hypermesis Gravidarum

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