Royal Baby on the Way!

There’s Royal Baby fever!

After months (a year?) of speculation (thank you tabloids :/), the official announcement finally came from St James’ Palace today: The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.

Though I am elated, I feel that it came as no [big] surprise as recent photos of the Duchess already indicated something unusual about her appearance. The  tabloids that had blabbed on about her ‘pregnancy’ from 2010 until now were nonsensical. However, it appears that the ones from the past 2-3 months were pretty accurate. Nevertheless, I didn’t pay much attention to the ‘news’ as I also didn’t want to be too nosy. We now know that the Duchess is less than 12 weeks pregnant, making her due date possibly around June. (I was hoping the baby would arrive in July!)

No sooner than the news had circulated around the internet, there have already been talks (bets too?) on baby names (never mind the gender!).

According to Speculation begins over Royal baby name (, these are the top names in alphabetical order:

  • Charles – after the Prince of Wales
  • Diana – after the late Princess of Wales
  • Edward – I think this one’s less likely but maybe because the last King Edward abdicated…
  • Elizabeth – after the Queen
  • Frances – I’m assuming the mother of Princess Diana?
  • George – after the Queen’s father, I assume?
  • Henry – after Prince Harry
  • James – there have been two King James so far
  • John – …?
  • Mary – there have also been two Queen Marys. Mary is also the name of the Queen’s grandmother, Mary of Teck.
  • Philip –  after the Duke of Edinburgh
  • Victoria – after the first Diamond Jubilee queen! Send the baby victorious!

If I remember correctly, I think Prince William had mentioned once that he would pay tribute to his mother if he has a daughter (or maybe it was a reporter’s assumption). I think Diana might not be a first name but certainly one of many names. It’s more likely a girl will be named Victoria, Elizabeth, or Mary, or perhaps they will look at names of past queens [consorts] for inspiration. As for a boy, I think George, Henry, James and Philip are very likely. I don’t usually play the name guessing game so this is as far as I’ll go.

It seems many are looking forward to a baby girl, as she would become the first to be heir to the throne, even if she were to have (a) younger brother(s), under the new succession law. (But then I wonder, would these fans be upset if a boy were born?) I shall be happy for the royal couple regardless of the gender. 🙂 I am usually able to correctly guess the royal baby gender but it’s still a bit early (and no, I don’t go by the photos of the royal mothers’ bellies). I have odd gut instincts that tell me what the gender will be (I was even able to guess that the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark would have twins – a boy and a girl!). No idea why I have this ‘talent’ but it’s made me feel like a fairy godmother to the royal children born from 2002/3 onwards…

CONGRATULATIONS Your Royal Highnesses! May the pregnancy go smoothly and may both of you have as much rest now for when the time comes. We look forward to meeting the next heir to the throne!

10 thoughts on “Royal Baby on the Way!

    • Yes, I did! I got bored of my old one and I reading my post against the toile background was hurting my eyes. @.@ Not quite ideal but the new layout will do for now.
      Oh yes, the RT? My answer would be: obviously the first one out (boy or girl), now that Commonwealth & UK Gov’t have agreed to the new succession law!

      • Hmm, I don’t know much about these things. You mean, what if there are 2 midwives who pull out the babies at the same time? Then there can be 2 King(s)/Queen(s)! Who knows. I do know there won’t be a ‘Man in the Iron Mask’ happening. 🙂

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