Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Colonialism Day?

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers and readers! I hope all of you are enjoying your Thanksgiving meal with family and/or friends!

I found this illustration through one of my friends’ friend about the first ‘Americans’ who arrived at Plymouth Rock. This comic deals with history, politics, integration, racism, and prejudice. Isn’t it ironic that the explorers/conquerors/immigrants arrived in an already inhabited land, declared it theirs, then proceeded to dictate to the inhabitants (as well as future immigrants) on how their land ought to be run?

Imagine if this illustrated scenario had been the case back then.

Of course, it wasn’t the case. Although there were certainly some immigrants who were met with hostility, I still believe that the current situation in many countries is sickening. Some have built walls (literally) to keep out ‘illegal immigrants’ and others have set high standards and/or created unjust laws to prevent immigrants from entering their country legally. Those [immigrants] who are lucky enough to make it into the country are often, if not always, looked down on for their inadequate language abilities and their failure to assimilate into the culture.  Meanwhile, if these prejudice-filled inhabitants wish to immigrate themselves, they demand that they are welcomed in as kings, their languages and cultures accepted as is. Ha! No wonder there are so many problems in the world!

Anyways, I hope no American took offense because this is for every one of all nationalities to chew on… 😉

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