Upcoming Period Drama: The White Queen (2013)

Those of us craving period dramas are in luck in 2013 (when The Borgias S3 returns, as well as The Paradise S2) with the new 10-part series based on Philippa Gregory‘s The White Queen.

Cover of "The White Queen: A Novel (Cousi...

Cover of The White Queen: A Novel (Cousins’ War)

It appears that The Red Queen – the only one I’ve read (skimmed) so far – is also in the works as a TV-series on the War of the Roses (Brief history: white rose = House of York; red rose = House of Tudor).

Cover of "The Red Queen: A Novel (The Cou...

Cover via Amazon

Each episode will be an hour long and will air on BBC One this spring summer 2013. Rebecca Ferguson will play Elizabeth Woodville, who became the wife of King Edward IV (played by Max Irons). See some sneak peak photos here.

Now, if my memory serves me correctly, Elizabeth Woodville was supposedly the first ‘commoner’ to become Queen Consort of England. She was the most beautiful woman in England or maybe it was just in her region. This is a portrait of her. I used to think she was bald! I also didn’t understand what those invisible chalky lines were supposed to be (a veil?).

Elizabeth Woodville (1437–92), Queen Con...

Elizabeth Woodville (1437–92), Queen Consort of Edward IV of England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I look forward to this TV series, despite the fact that I probably won’t get around to reading The White Queen!


We have air dates!

BBC One airs on Saturday 16th June at 9pm

Starz airs on Saturday 10th August at 9pm

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