‘Tis the Season for Sharing

We are PRIVILEGED to live in a First World Country. Maybe we’re not the richest and maybe we’re not the poorest. This Christmas, consider these two drives to help those less fortunate in Vancouver.

The following information was taken from Miss 604‘s blog post and from Blanket BC.

1. Share the Warmth – Lookout Society

What do donate:

  • Clean blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Warm winter clothing (jackets, hoodies, sweatpants, gloves, toques, scarves and hats)
  • New under garments and gently used socks
  • Boots and running shoes

Where to donate (Mon-Sun 11-16:00):

  • Livingroom Drop-in, 528 Powell Street, Vancouver
  • Cliff Block Housing, 606 Clarkson Street, New Westminster
  • North Shore Housing Centre 705 West 2nd Street, North Vancouver

2. Drive on the Line – Blanket BC

When: 23-24 November, 7:30-18:00
Where: Canada Line stations:

  • Richmond Brighouse
  • Landsdown
  • Bridgeport
  • Oakridge
  • Broadway/City Hall
  • Yaletown Roundhouse
  • Vancouver City Centre
  • Waterfront Station

What to donate: blankets

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