Christmas Shopping

There are 2 things you need to know about me:

  1. I LOVE Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year. I celebrate the TRUE meaning/origin of Christmas. I celebrate the time with family and friends.
  2. I HATE commercialised Christmas*. I HATE the wish lists (Oh you’re helping your family and friends pick something for you? Is Christmas about YOU?). I hate the ‘necessity’ of Christmas shopping (Why is it so terribly important to have to buy something for everyone for Christmas? Are we all in dire need of something? Do we all have millions to spend on people?). I am displeased with ungrateful people who just accumulate and want more (You get them something, they murmur, ‘Thank you,’ then move on to the next present. House is full of stuff!). *sigh of disgust!*
    *Please note that pretty lights and Christmas trees do not apply!

However, this Christmas, if you REALLY have to get something for someone, use this chart to help you decide on whether or not whatever-you’re-getting for whomever-it-is is really worth it. Thank you to my friend, Planet Frugality for sharing the link!

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This Christmas, I challenge you not to buy your friends’ or family’s love. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Will it really hurt if they don’t get anything bought from you this Christmas? If so, you need to reconsider if these friends are true friends and if your family needs a lesson!

Yes, Christmas is a time of GIVING but who says giving means buying?

How about…

  • writing someone a nice card/letter?
  • baking cookies for someone?
  • spending time with someone?
  • making something for something?
  • re-wrapping things in a game of Secret Santa?

[Many of us] live in a First World Country. Do you realise how privileged we are? Look around your house. Do you really need more things? If so, are you willing to give up some things?

I know it’s tempting to want so much, whether we need something or not. I know many of us mean well and want to make the recepient happy. Yet why not do something different this year or for many years to come?

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