Hat #5: My Straw Boater

A few weeks ago, I finally learned how to block a straw hat with The Saucy Milliner of Vancouver. I felt like it was easier than blocking a fur felt hat but maybe it had to do with the kind of straw I was using? Here are some photos of my new hat!


Blocking the straw hood

Blocking the straw hood


Without the ribbon

Without the ribbon

Head-sizing ribbon

Head-sizing ribbon

The bow

The bow

Voila! My straw boater!

straw hat

My straw boater was perfect for today’s weather!

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I initially wanted a straw boater but then I decided I needed a summer hat that would shade my eyes and cover my neck. The inspiration for my straw hat came from three hats:

War and Peace – Natasha

I liked how the brim is rounded, almost like a lamp shade.

Source: looklikegarycooper.tumblr.com

Christian Dior’s 1947 New Look

Once again, see how the brim is rounded and provides shade?


Source: Ingredientsofstyle.com

Inspiration – Trimming

Gone with the Wind – Scarlett O’Hara

Too wide brimmed but the green against the straw is just perfect. I’m hoping to find a thicker velvet green band for my hat. 🙂


Source: cometoverhollywood.com


Source: Amazon.com

Madeline has always been my favourite cartoon character and she is most recognised by the straw hat she and the other boarding girls wear. I like the big bow and the hanging ribbons but I was tired of blacking trimming.

Marie Antoinette

Collection of the prince Ludwig von Hessen und...

Collection of the prince Ludwig von Hessen und bei Rhein, Wolfsgarten Castle, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was hoping to find a blue ribbon this wide for my hat and to trim the hat with some vintage flowers. Until I find that colour, I will stick to what I have.

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