Recommendation du jour: ModCloth

I just bought a cute dress for work / parties from ModCloth called Work With Me Dress in Deep Red.

Work with Me Dress in Deep Red

$49.99 Photo credit: ModCloth

As you can see, it features a cute ‘Peter Pan collar’ and a ruffled peplum (I just learned this word about a week ago, by the way. It happens to be ‘in’ this season. I do not, however, care about trends). 🙂

My friend had sent me a $15 friend-referrral coupon and since my order was 1 cent away from the min. $50 order (don’t you hate that?!), I decided to pair my order with these [pastel] yellow rose earrings (they’re called Retro Rosie Earrings in Banana on the website):

Retro Rosie Earrings in Banana

$9.99 Photo credit: ModCloth

Shipping was fairly reasonable (flat rate of $5.75 for international – i.e. Canada – via USPS First-Class Mail, for packages weighing up to 4lb) and the estimated time of arrival is between 7-21 days (7 for Canada).

What I like about ModCloth are the customer reviews and the personal photos of the clothing on them. Since we come in all shapes and sizes, it’s helpful to see what someone who has a similar body type looks like in a dress you’re interested in. After all, what looks good on a mannequin might not necessarily be flattering on us. We might even discover that it’s not quite what we had expected from it too!

As part of my gift to you for following my blog, if you are NEW to ModCloth and see something you like on their website, follow this link ( and sign up! You will get $15 off* your first purchase of $50 or more. 🙂

*It seems that the friend referral rate varies from time to time. Last month, it was $20 off so who knows if December’s referral rate will be higher – or the same.

Happy shopping!

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