How to Stay Dry Outdoors on Rainy Days

I used to hate it when it rained or snowed because I didn’t have the proper footwear nor, sometimes, the perfect jacket to keep me both warm and dry. All I wanted to do was to stay indoors but, of course, I couldn’t. Vancouver rains 8-9 months a year and, when I was studying in Kingston, ON, there was rain and/or snow for 5-7 months. Well, since this past Saturday, I can now say that I can brave the rain, snow, and mud.

Here are my tips on staying dry outdoors whilst remaining stylish:

  • RAINCOAT (Waterproof jacket with hood) – This option allows you to keep your hands warm in your pockets or have both hands free without the hassle of an umbrella! If you can’t find a warm waterproof jacket, just layer up! I don’t have a particular brand or type to recommend but this webpage has good tips on picking the right one for you!
  • UMBRELLA: Fulton’s Birdcage Umbrella– This was one of the few best investments of my life! You’ll never have to worry about having your umbrella flip inside-out or having the end poke someone in the eye or still be sprayed by rain in your face! The Queen appears to have one in every shade to match her outfits. I picked black. Goes with everything!

Cost: ~ $24.99-$35.00 CAD

Where to buy: Hudson’s Bay Company or any place selling umbrellas. Check e-Bay and too!

  • WELLIES – Rubber or PVC, you know you can wear these all year long in rain, snow or mud. I used to have Gore-Tex boots but then I realised that cleaning up the mud was such a bother. Nevertheless, it’s your choice!
    • Däv– Stylish and more affordable than Hunter’s (costs around $70 – <$100) made from PVC (not rubber). Best part about these wellies is that they’re lined with whisper-soft fleece! have a few on sale for $59.99! I like these 2:

      Dav’s English Solid Knee High
      Dav’s English Quilted Gunmetal – $85 at GumDrops
  • Hunter’s – This brand comes with the royal approval from the Queen AND the best thing about these is that they’re tall! I prefer the Hunter’s Regent [Neoprene] style (looks classier, like equestrian wellies) but those are around $150 CAD, compared to the original tall, which costs around $125+ CAD. You may be lucky and find a pair for much less.
    Hunter Regent Neoprene
  • Kamik– Buy Canadian! These are the most affordable (compared to the above-mentioned wellies), they’re made of rubber and you can get wellies for rain or snow! I recommend the following for:
    • Rain: Jennifer ($70+ CAD). These are the tallest wellies and it comes with a Kamik crest! These are the ones I own.
    • Snow: Lisbeth ($85+ CAD). These will keep your feet and shins warm! They’re glossy and there’s grey faux fur around the top.

*I like to save money on footwear so I usually try on shoes/wellies in stores, then order them online. If you’re in Canada, I recommend these 2 sites, both of which offer free shipping & free returns:


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4 thoughts on “How to Stay Dry Outdoors on Rainy Days

    • Thanks for starting it! I’d never heard of Dav before until I saw them on I tried them on and they’re very comfy but I ended up choosing Kamik’s Jennifer (feels sturdier and bouncier, not that Dav is uncomfortable or worse for the feet). 🙂

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