Review: World Without End (2012)

World Without End premiered on Showcase in September as the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, both of which were based on the novels by Ken Follett. The 8-part series ended on 23 Oct with a rather abrupt ending (in my opinion). I had been expecting an ending similar to The Pillars of the Earth, with a proper wrap-up.* I will have to read Follett’s two novels since I’m certain they will answer all my questions. At the very least, the evil ones perished and our beloved characters were [re]united and could live happily ever after.

It’s interesting to note the similarities between the 2 TV series. Both featured:

  • a forbidden love (couple who couldn’t be together)
  • usurped earls and their families
  • evil monk or clerical member
  • a German actress
  • dark-haired heroine
  • lighter-haired hero

I highly recommend watch these 2 series. I promise you it’s intriguing!

The Pillars of the Earth (TV miniseries)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Photo credit: Showcase)

SPOILER: *That is, I thought at least Caris and Merthin would be married and the camera would focus on the cathedral again (despite the fact that WWE never once or rarely dealt with the cathedral, which had been so important in PotE). Oh well.

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